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10 Best #IoT Accounts to Follow on Twitter

Jason Sattler

01.04.16 2 min. read

A Twitter feed, at its best, is like an algorithm you written to keep yourself amused and informed. At the same time it offers us direct access to the best minds and the worst bots on the planet.

And in a field like the IoT, where theres so much noise and so little signal, getting new information without constantly reading “Gartner forecasts that 6.4 billion connected things will be in use worldwide in 2016, growing to 20.8 billion by 2020″ over and over is a bit tough. That’s great information but when a “connected thing” can be anything from a kettle to car to a pacemaker, it’s hard to get a sense of what matters now.

So we want to know who on Twitter is giving you the most addictive IoT information. Here are the best accounts we’ve come across.

1. The Straight Sh*t
Bio: Obviously the best thing to do is put a chip in it.

2. A Straight Newsfeed (tweets a lot, more B2B related)
Bio: The most comprehensive & up to date #IoT news

3. Another Straight Newsfeed (tweets less, more product related)
Bio: WT VOX is the most trustworthy, authoritative resource in #WearableTech. Daily news in #FashionTech #Wearables #BigData #IoT #DigitalHealth #Robotics #AR #VR

4. Data Dude
Bio: #Datascience, #IoT, #MachineLearning, #BigData, Mobile,#Smartcities, #edtech

5. “Long Tail”/Drones Guy
Bio: 3D Robotics CEO, DIY Drones, ex Wired EIC, Long Tail, FREE, Makers, GeekDad, etc.

6. Tech Meets Policy
Bio: The Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) is the global voice of the tech sector.

7. The Big Picture
Bio: Gartner VP & Distinguished Analyst — Data & Analytics Strategy, Infonomics & Data Monetization, Big Data & Info Innovation.

8. Your Friendly Austrian Researcher Pal
Bio: Researcher – interested in internet of things (#IoT, #WebOfThings – #NFC, #RFID, #robots), data analytics (#bigdata), and cloud computing (#cloud)

9. The Aggregator
Bio: @_trendspotter made this aggregation account. Topics: -//- Internet of Things -//- Web of Things -//- #IoT, #WoT, #M2M

10. Fun News
Bio: We cover the internet of things and big data. #iot #m2m #b2b #bigdata

And, of course, there’s @FSecure_Sense.

Who did we miss?

[Image Image by Andreas Eldh via Flickr]

Jason Sattler

01.04.16 2 min. read


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