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3 Things you can do for Data Privacy Day

Adam Pilkey

28.01.16 2 min. read

Today is Data Privacy Day (or Data Protection Day as it’s known in Europe). It might not be the most glamorous holiday of the year. But 2015 saw governments and intelligence agencies continue to step up their surveillance capabilities by asking for more authority to collect data from regular Internet users. So it’s important for people to take part and get involved if they want to be able to enjoy their privacy at this time next year, and there’s a few easy ways you can join in the fight for digital freedom.

#1 Learn why online privacy is under attack

Erka Koivunen, a Cyber Security Advisor with F-Secure, will be taking part in a Reddit AMA today at 10AM (EST). Last December, Erka gave expert testimony to the United Kingdom’s Parliament regarding their proposed Investigatory Powers Bill (also known as the Snoopers’ Charter). According to Erka, this bill goes too far in certain respects, and should be toned down and given more clarity to avoid violating the security and privacy of innocent Internet users.

#2 Improve your own online privacy

While the surveillance capabilities of large companies and governments is certainly a reason to be concerned, there are a lot of things people can do on their own to improve their online privacy. So why not pick up one new privacy habit for Data Privacy Day?

#3 Use the right tools to surf safely

Speaking of habits, one thing people can do to improve their online privacy is to start using a VPN. VPNs create an encrypted tunnel for your Internet traffic, which helps protect the information from anyone trying to eavesdrop. They’re particularly useful for people who like using public Wi-Fi hotspots, many of which are highly insecure and easy for hackers and other digital snoops to spy on.

Freedome is a VPN that gives people a hassle-free way to encrypt their communications over public Wi-Fi, change their virtual location to access geo-blocked websites and streaming services, and block malicious websites and online tracking attempts. With Freedome’s newest feature called Tracker Mapper, users can see blocked tracking attempts in real time on an informative visual map, helping them gain a better understanding on how they are being tracked online, and by whom.

And to make it easier for people to stay private on Data Privacy Day, annual multi-device subscriptions can be purchased from F-Secure’s website at 50 percent off the regular price using the code PRIVACYDAY at the checkout. Offer is valid only on Jan 28, so now is the perfect time for you to step and take control of your online privacy.

Adam Pilkey

28.01.16 2 min. read


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