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Test: Are you in the top 4% when it comes to cyber security?

Jason Sattler

19.06.19 2 min. read

Every minute you spend online is a cyber security test. Even when you aren’t facing threats directly, the dozens of businesses you trust with your digital life and reputation likely are.

As our dependence on the internet continues to grow and the risks we face become more complex, cyber security basics matter more every day. That’s why our F-Secure TOTAL team came up with F-Secure Digital Life Test.

The worries are real

In a recent F-Secure survey, 71% of respondents said they feel that they will become a victim of cyber crime or identity theft. Meanwhile, 73% expressed similar fears about their kids.

These fears make sense given that most people, 51%, have experienced some sort of cyber crime in their family, with over a fourth, 26%, having experienced several forms of online crime.

The most common threats

The survey found that malware and credit card fraud are the most common threats people face. Good old-fashioned internet security, including updated security and system software, helps prevent these threats.

But more than one in four, 28%, has dealt with identity theft, email hacking or the loss or theft of their login credentials. Protecting against these sorts of incidents requires using strategies to stay secure on all your accounts, wherever you connect.

What’s your score?

The test focuses the most immediate steps you can take to secure your devices, your accounts, and your internet connection.

The good news is that more than 4 out of 5 people who’ve take the test have gotten more than 50% of the 7 questions right. But that means almost 1 in 5 aren’t even aware of the most basic precautions they can take online.

Only 4% got all 7 questions right. Will you join their ranks?

Give the test a try and find out how safely you use the internet and what you can do to protect yourself more.

cyber security test


Jason Sattler

19.06.19 2 min. read


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