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#AskaProfessionalHacker anything, with Tom Van de Wiele

Sandra Proske

04.09.19 2 min. read


If Tom Van de Wiele ever shows up at your work, you’re probably not going to get a chance to ask him a question.

His job title is Principal Security Consultant, but his job involves Red Teaming, the ultimate form of ethical hacking. Red Teams practice the art of performing the information gathering, pretexting, and reconnaissance necessary to break into offices and company networks.

The chances of you catching Tom on your premises aren’t very good, given that the team he works with has a 100% success rate in overcoming the combination of targeted organizations’ physical and cyber security defenses to end up in places they should never be.

Ask Tom (almost) anything

Last year, Tom did his first reddit AMA, allowing people around the world to ask him anything. The post shot up to the site’s front page—above an AMA by Frank Oz, better known as the voice of Star Wars’ Yoda—with 28,099 points and over 3,000 comments.

When it comes to cyber security, a year can be forever. Tom is still warning people to #protectyouraccesscard but some of the nuances the threat landscape have evolved. So we figured now was a good time to see if people had some new questions for Tom. This time, he’ll answer them on our Cyber Security Sauna podcast.

What can you ask? Almost anything about how hackers think, work, and hack. We’ll pick up to 10 questions for the episode. Just reply to this linked Tweet, Facebook post or LinkedIn post with your question.

Do some information gathering

If you’d like to know more about Tom’s work before you ask a question, we have text, audio, and video for you to check out.

First, take a look at “So you want to be an ethical hacker? 21 ways to get started”. Then take a listen to Episode 19 of our #CyberSauna podcast “The Best Defense is Good Offensive Security”. And then if you’re not stimulated enough, watch “Red Teaming : the value of testing your security by breaking in”:

You can also check out what’s in Tom’s Red Team kit here:

red team kit

Now, ask away.

Sandra Proske

04.09.19 2 min. read


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