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Can a Complex World be Made Simple?

Tuomas Rantalainen

21.09.18 2 min. read

The Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) is a system with the rather important job of making sure aeroplanes don’t fly into each other. It has been developed over decades, with more and more intricate rules added along the way to make our skies even safer.

The system seems to be doing its job, although I’m not an expert in avionics and don’t know much about how it works. But I don’t feel too bad, because interactions between these rules are so complex that pretty much nobody else does either.

Us humans have a tendency of digging ourselves into something of a hole by complicating things. In order to get more out of our environment, we need to keep making technology more and more complex and versatile. This complexity keeps feeding itself and exponentially growing, as more and more complex systems are needed to deal with an ever more confusing and hard to keep up with environment.

In the case of the TCAS, complexity has led to humans not understanding how the program arrives at some of its decisions. In the case of us and our devices, the complexity of how they interact with us and each has led to security and privacy becoming difficult and often intangible concepts. Is it even possible to make security simple in today’s complex world?

Thankfully, the answer is largely a “yes”. It’s easy to be tempted to resign oneself to the idea that our security is beyond our control and that our privacy is no longer in our hands.  But with just the 3 simple tips from this video, you can switch your thinking into a way which turns complex things simple, abstract things concrete and makes you more aware of the technology in your environment. If you have any handy lifehacks that make security simple for you, please leave a comment in the video!

We have loads of videos with clearly explained, user-friendly tips and other content on our Youtube channel Connected Life. If you found this video interesting, we appreciate the likes, shares and subscribes.

Tuomas Rantalainen

21.09.18 2 min. read


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