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Christmas Calendar, Day 1: A job in cyber security offers an excellent viewpoint

Taija Merisalo

01.12.17 2 min. read

cyber security christmas calendar


Who are you and what do you do at F-Secure?

I am Rüdiger and responsible for the Sales Engineer Team in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We help our customers to plan and implement our solution into their networks. My passion is to plan and give presentations which are different from the rest, and this is always a challenge I set for myself. Being very interested in technology and upcoming smart devices, my job in cyber security industry gives me a perfect opportunity to see the things not only from a user but also from a security angle.


What has been the most interesting project you’ve worked on at F-Secure? Tell us a bit about it.

We always try to learn a bit about our customers and their products, so there are many interesting aspects when visiting a company. One day, you help to secure a pharmacy or a doctor’s office, the next day you help to build a security concept for a chocolate company. And yes, we got free samples afterwards ;-).


What are the most important trends that you believe we will see impact cyber security in the next 3-5 years?

We will see the internet even more than now. I am sure we will have a connection to the internet where we do not even think about it now. The whole smart device / IoT world thinks in silos at the moment, but they will grow together to make our lives easier. I mean, if my flight will leave late, why cannot my iPhone alarm clock just wake me up later? This connection of different services and devices will of course also attract the bad guys. But we will be there to protect you, so don’t worry ;-).


If you’d have to recommend people to follow one cyber security influencer, who would she/he be?

Edward Snowden. He has seen a lot of things and has an interesting view as a former intelligence agency insider. He is one of the few cyber security guys, who is also heard by non-security folks, so he is my clear recommendation.


rüdiger trost

Taija Merisalo

01.12.17 2 min. read


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