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Christmas Calendar, Day 11: Make This Cyber Security Expert’s Christmas Wish Come True!

Joel Hiltunen

11.12.17 1 min. read


Although cyber security is an extremely serious topic, it doesn’t mean that our experts don’t make the effort to take part in the Christmas spirit. Sometimes schedules are tight and this simply means working in front of the office Christmas tree, but you take what you can get.

Watch the video to see our consultant Marko explain the intricacies of his role as a cyber risk management expert, and talk about the most interesting aspects of his job. At the end of the video, Marko also confesses his only wish for Christmas this year: being a humble man, he just wants to spread the good word of cyber security to as many people as possible around the world. Help Marko make his wish come true, and sign up for his webcast “How to Improve Your Cyber Resilience” on Wednesday the 13th of December at 14:00 GMT! You can find the form below the video.



Sign up for the webcast!

[fsecure-webinars title=”How to Improve Your Cyber Resilience” description=”In this webcast, F-Secure Principal Risk Management Consultant Marko Buuri goes through the basic principles behind effective cyber risk management.” datetime=”12/13/2017 14:00″ url=””]

Joel Hiltunen

11.12.17 1 min. read


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