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Christmas Calendar, Day 18: A Christmas Sauna with Mikko Hypponen!

Joel Hiltunen

18.12.17 1 min. read


There’s nothing more Finnish than a hot, steaming sauna. It’s also a part of our Christmas tradition – because of that, we’ve also decided to include our own very special sauna into our equally special Christmas Calendar!

Join our host (and incumbent sauna-majuri) Janne Kauhanen, as he sits down with one of the industry’s top experts, Mikko Hypponen. During Janne and Mikko’s sauna sit-down, they sweat out the recent Kaspersky antivirus allegations, and talk about what sort of data antivirus solutions collect in general. Super interesting stuff!

Have a listen below, subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and stay tuned for more – the next episode will be released on Thursday, the 21st of December!




FAQ: Everything You Wanted to Know About AV Data Transmission But Were Afraid to Ask

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Cyber Security Sauna web page


Joel Hiltunen

18.12.17 1 min. read


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