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CISO Perspective: Implementing Dynamic Detection & Response at Neste Ltd

Noora Hyvärinen

07.09.18 3 min. read

Tomi Pitkänen, Head of IT Security at Neste, has 20 years of experience from ICT architecture and cyber security.  Neste is a global leader in oil and renewable products, with operations in over 25 countries. Managing cyber security in a global corporation has enabled Tomi to develop strong insights into modern cyber security management.

Listening to Tomi, it’s clear that he is passionate about the topics he works with – security and privacy – and he always keeps a close eye on industry trends and latest news.

We’ve seen some major changes in work life in the past few years. One big change has been definitely the need to provide strong support for remote work. Employees and organizations are seeking agile ways of working, and need IT tools to support that. This sets new requirements also for cyber security.

  Another major change that has had a major impact in cyber security has been the heavy step into the cloud and developing business processes with the help of cloud architecture.”

In cyber security, you are never done. In addition to following what’s happening in the cyber security industry, in his daily work Tomi is constantly scanning the state of cyber security in his own organization to recognize new challenges and constantly improve their operations.

“I would say the biggest security challenges for our business are related to our versatile business models. We work with a wide network of partners and have autonomous teams with decision authority, which makes it challenging for us to pinpoint the crown jewels of our business –what to protect with cyber security controls, and how to do that?”

Identifying new ways to fight against ever-evolving security threats and building an efficient, multi-layered cyber security practice have been Tomi’s main objectives throughout his career. The latest addition to Neste’s cyber security setup, F-Secure Rapid Detection & Response Service, follows the same line of thinking:

“Investing in detection and response services gives us the visibility to swiftly reach any anomalies occurring in the environment. The attack lifecycle is long, but an actual breach needs a quick response. If an incident happens in the morning, there is no value in reporting it only in the afternoon. Using a managed detection and response service enables us to focus our own resources on development work, while daily operations are run efficiently by F-Secure.”

To hear more of Tomi Pitkänen’s thoughts on modern cyber security and the importance of incident detection and response, please join us at Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2018 in London. Tomi will share the stage with F-Secure’s Head of Product Marketing, Mikko Röntynen, on Tuesday, 11 September at 12:00 pm – 12:30 pm.



tomi pitkänen, neste, CISOTomi Pitkänen

Tomi is an active cyber security influencer and a well-liked speaker, who is skilled in explaining complex cyber security topics in an interesting yet understandable way. Tomi and his team have built a reliable and productive cyber security function with a modern, multilayered approach to protecting an enterprise. In particular, Tomi is known for successfully raising the security awareness and knowledge within his entire organization. Recently, Tomi was awarded as ‘CISO of the Year 2018’ by Tietoturva Ry in Finland.

Noora Hyvärinen

07.09.18 3 min. read


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