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Crypto-Ransomware Webinar Recording

Noora Hyvärinen

01.12.16 1 min. read

There’s a misconception floating around that crypto-ransomware is somehow better at evading protection software than other malware. This is definitely not the case. In our experience, the social engineering aspect of malware delivery is often convincing enough to entice people to turn off their protection products in order to run the malware. And since stories about crypto-ransomware infections tend to make it into the news, we’re led to believe they’re some sort of super malware (which they’re not).

In this webinar, we’ve covered why this misconception might exist, how crypto-ransomware differs from other prevalent malware types, what sort of social engineering scams we’ve seen out there that have been tricking users, and what employers can teach employees to minimise the likelihood they’ll become a victim.


[fsecure-eloqua name=”THREAT%20LANDSCAPE%20RANSOMWARE” url=”” description=”THREAT%20LANDSCAPE%20RANSOMWARE”]

Noora Hyvärinen

01.12.16 1 min. read


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