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Data Science Meets Cyber Security

Jason Sattler

05.06.17 2 min. read

If you’ve looked at our Careers page recently, you may note a couple of interesting things. Not only do we have a lot of open positions — more than 30! — but there’s also a wide assortment of roles we’re filling.

Andy Patel on the News from the Labs blog notes they range from “marketing (meh) to malware analysis (woot!).” He walks through the various technical areas where have open positions both in and outside of F-Secure Labs.

One area that we’re particularly excited about is Data Science.

“We’re heavily bolstering our capabilities in the field of machine learning and data science, and we’ve formed a whole new department just for it,” Andy writes.

Matti Aksela, the head of F-Secure’s new Artificial Intelligence Centre of Excellence, introduced himself and this effort in a post for Safe and Savvy last month. The idea of using machine learning and data science to fight cyber threats isn’t particularly new to F-Secure but applying a whole department to the task indicates how seriously we take the effort.

Being a data scientist who fights cyber crime is one of those jobs that none of our current F-Secure fellows or applicants ever dreamed about as kids because it basically didn’t exist even a decade ago. So we decided to talk to one of our colleagues who finds herself doing just that for a living.

About four years ago, Niina saw a job listing just like the dozens you’ll find now announcing that F-Secure was looking for someone to lead customer data analytics.

“I had heard only good things about F-Secure as an employer,” she told me and even though she had never worked in — or thought much about — cyber security, she decided to apply.

She was surprised by how meaningful the work she does is on a daily basis. And she was also pleasured to find that her very techy colleagues were extremely friendly from the beginning.

“It is nice to know that you are working with the good guys.”

So how does data figure into the fight against online crime?

“It’s crucial to select the relevant data to be collected and analyze it intelligently to provide the best world-class detection and prevention capabilities.”

This requires both simple analytics and much more advanced mathematics.

“F-Secure’s needs for machine learning and artificial intelligence are very demanding and our data scientists need to do highly advanced and complex algorithms to support needs of ever-changing cyber security landscape.”

She’s enjoying being part of what the company hopes will be a “big data” revolution that we hope will reap rewards for both the company and our customers.

“It is exciting to participate in this change,” she said. “And it’s exciting to see how F-Secure becomes better and better at protecting our customers against cyber criminals.”

Jason Sattler

05.06.17 2 min. read


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