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Don’t Try This At Home: How to Really Destroy Your Devices

Jason Sattler

04.11.16 1 min. read

Earlier this week, Marjaana and Hertta gave us an example of how to go about destroying your old devices.

They tried to break a hard drive with a hammer — and ended up breaking the hammer. It’s not so easy.

So we decided to turn to the pros — our friends at the internationally renowned Hydraulic Press Channel. We delivered them some old hard drives, a printer, a few smartphones and more. And here’s what they did with them:


You see that the even the press didn’t get all the way through at least one hard drive.

So they brought out the air cannon:

That didn’t go too much better.

If you don’t have a press or a cannon, you still can properly dispose of your devices. Just be sure to check the advice in this post from Erka Koivunen, F-Secure Cyber Security Advisor.

Jason Sattler

04.11.16 1 min. read


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