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F-Secure rings in a new era with brilliantly simple security experiences for partners and consumers  

Jason Sattler

01.07.22 2 min. read

The Nasdaq bell makes it official.  

F-Secure’s Timo Laaksonen, President & CEO, has rung in a new era as an independent company focused on a new vision – becoming the world’s #1 security experience company. Combining the history of 34 years as a cyber security pioneer with the energy of a startup, the new F-Secure is committed to offering consumers and partners brilliantly simple security experiences. 

“Everything we do together is now purpose-built and optimized to serve the needs of consumers and our partners who take our services to consumers,” said Laaksonen. 

The best partner for consumer cyber security

The demerger finalized on July 1st separates WithSecure™- which continues offering corporate security products and services – and F-Secure which now has become an own entity that exclusively serves tens of millions of consumers and 170 service provider partners. 

The split unlocks numerous new efficiencies that enable the independent, consumer-focused company—which is already the global security leader in the communication service partner (CSP) channel—to move even faster, while nurturing new capabilities that drive growth.  

“For anybody out there who serves a large number of consumers, and they would like to extend their own offering to include security services, we’re the partner to do that—not only with our offering but with the unique business capabilities we provide,” Laaksonen said.   

A strategic vision that’s ready to accelerate

The new F-Secure launches with 350 of the industry’s top professionals, an extremely strong financial position, and a brand-new identity that’s centered around the importance of securing the digital moments that give consumers’ online lives meaning and purpose.  

This positioning comes from a belief that the security industry has failed consumers. Rather easing the complexity of life and technology, which have only increased since the pandemic, security companies have added to the confusion. Brilliantly simple security experiences offer a new path forward. 

“When we talk about winning the experience economy, we mean creating experiences that are personal, rewarding, clear, and fast,” Laaksonen said. 

Inspiring new growth

F-Secure has opportunities to enhance growth with the large and expanding consumer cyber security market. 

The company can add new partners while improving customer loyalty and ARPU in existing channels with TOTAL and SENSE. There’s also an increasing opportunity to replicate the model what works so well with CSPs by creating new offerings and expanding into new vertical partnerships. 

The company’s direct business, which consistently earns high customer satisfaction and loyalty, also allows the development of both products and marketing practices, creating best practices that also ensure growing partner success. 

And the keys to this brighter future are brilliantly simple security experiences. 

“When we talk about brilliant experiences, we want these experiences to be holistic,” said Laaksonen. “We want to touch people’s everyday lives. And we want to be capable of solving all the needs they have.” 

That’s what the new F-Secure is all about. 




Jason Sattler

01.07.22 2 min. read

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