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SENSE is the Missing Piece of Your Connected Home

Adam Pilkey

18.05.17 3 min. read

By the end of 2017, consumers will be using 5.2 billion connected things, according to Gartner. That number is set to more than double to 12.8 billion by 2020. Given that we’re already on the pace to have more IoT devices in our homes than people on Earth, chances are you will soon be living with as many as a dozen or more devices that can get online. Some may even be connected to the internet without you even realizing it.

Meanwhile, people are more worried about their privacy now than ever before.

One research firm recently found that 92% of Americans and Britons worry about their online privacy at least sometimes, with both nationalities citing the behavior of companies as the most common reason for their concerns. PEW’s research has produced similar findings, saying 91% of Americans feel that people have lost control over how data is collected and used by companies. And controlling privacy is going to be an ongoing challenge as more people put IoT devices in their homes.

These devices contain all kinds of sensors and transmitters that collect and share information, and it’s been confirmed that one manufacturer’s smart TVs are constantly collecting data and sharing it with companies.

And then there are hackers.

The rush to get more and more smart devices on the market is just one reason these devices are increasingly becoming targets of hackers — and will be for the foreseeable future. And while your PC may be running updated security software, your baby monitor and your thermostat and your dishwasher almost certainly are not. That means millions of connected homes have a security hole that could be the equivalent of leaving your front door wide open when you’re out for the night. But instead of exposing your home to threats directly in your neighborhood, the security hole could expose your private data to online criminals all over the world.

That’s why F-Secure is closing that privacy and security hole in your connected home with F-Secure SENSE.

SENSE is the first piece of hardware designed by F-Secure in our nearly 30-year history, and it secures all internet-connected things in your connected home with a blanket of security that combines a secure Wi-Fi router with an advanced security app and industry-leading cloud protection.

Here’s what that looks like:

  • The SENSE router protects everything from desktop computers to phones to smart TVs to baby monitors against viruses and hackers
  • The SENSE advanced security app manages the SENSE network, offering additional security features that provide protection on the go, depending on the platform you use
  • The SENSE cloud utilizes cutting edge artificial intelligence to sense the traffic of connected home devices and to protect against IoT threats and hacking

F-Secure SENSE includes the hardware and software, as well as a 12-month subscription to the service for 199 EUR/USD. Monthly subscriptions can be renewed for 9,90 EUR/USD per month.

Adam Pilkey

18.05.17 3 min. read


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