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F-Secure’s Mobile World Congress 2016 Recap

Adam Pilkey

29.02.16 1 min. read

Mobile World Congress 2016 came and went last week. Lots of companies made exciting announcements, demonstrated exciting new gadgets, and created a fun, engaging atmosphere where tech enthusiasts could congregate and check out what the future has in store.

And F-Secure was no exception. Our team was there, in hall 6, helping spread the word on how people can protect their privacy and online security. Here’s a few of the highlights from our trip to #MWC16.

Meeting SENSE – This year’s Mobile World Congress saw the first appearance of F-Secure SENSE in 2016. The product, announced at SLUSH last year, is a smart home security solution that people can use to protect their computers, mobiles and IoT devices. It certainly gained a lot of attention from show visitors concerned that the vast number of new IoT solutions being presented at the show rarely mentioned security capabilities.

MWC16 Sense

Allen Scott’s Talk on IoT Security – F-Secure’s Allen Scott was on hand to give a talk on IoT security. Scott told the Huffington Post UK that one of the most alarming things about the IoT is how fast manufacturers are rolling out connected devices.

“Every technology device that’ll be shipped in four of five years time will have an IoT connector in it, it still astonishes me that you can go to eBay and buy pretty sophisticated technology for under a £10. Without knowing it you’ve just bought yourself an IoT,” according to Scott.

MWC16 Allen Scott

Samsung’s VR Theater – New technologies might not be the most secure in the world, but we still love them. Let’s face it, a virtual reality home theater system is something to get excited about.


We’re already looking forward to next year!

Adam Pilkey

29.02.16 1 min. read


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