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Introducing Cyber Security’s Human Factor

Jason Sattler

18.01.18 2 min. read

How would you hack a growing company?

This is one of the questions the ethical hackers in F-Secure Cyber Security Services get asked all the time. That’s why five of our female cyber security pros made understanding the attacker’s point-of-view the foundation of a workshop we hosted with Future Female at this January’s Disobey hacker conference.

The participants ran through a simulation of the test we run for top corporations to detect potential, threat actors, vulnerabilities, actions the attacker might take, feared outcomes and potential losses. The group was broken up into teams of Attackers, Defenders and Decision-Makers, all with one goal in mind — improving the defenses and policies of the organization under cyber assault.

With the help of our experts, the future hackers performed like potential pros. More importantly they came away excited about the cyber security industry, a field in desperate need of talent, especially female talent given that the current workforce is about 89 percent male.

“It was really exciting to see all aspects of cyber security,” one participant said. “Before the workshop I thought that there were all these technical things you need to solve. But I learned the human factor plays a huge role as well.”

She was also inspired by the leaders of the workshop.

“Of course, it was great to see girl hackers,” she said. “We need more role models.”

The demand for this kind of introduction to cyber security continues to astound us. At Disobey, so many women were interested in the workshop that a waiting list had to be formed. Last year, over 50,000 people from around the globe checked out the first iteration of our Cyber Security Base online course launched in conjunction with the University of Helsinki.

Given this thirst for an introduction to hacking, you can expect more educational outreach from F-Secure.

“The feedback overall was excellent and we now have 40 people in queue for the next workshop,” F-Secure Talent Acquisition Manager Johanna Kurki told us.

To get a sense of the kind of opportunities that exist for people entering the cyber security industry, check out our vast array of current openings. And if you’re already a pro and interested in being part of F-Secure’s fellowship, you can set a Job Alert for yourself.

Jason Sattler

18.01.18 2 min. read


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