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Getting to know F-Secure: Saving the World, Conspiracy Theories, and More

Adam Pilkey

08.06.16 3 min. read

Most people don’t have much of an opportunity to get to know their employers until they start working at a company. Or until it’s too late, as some people might say.

At F-Secure, we’re currently looking to hire tons of new people (you can check out our job listings here). But we know many people might want to get to know us a bit better before they decide whether or not this is the kind of place, and the kind of people, they want to spend their time with. So today, F-Secure Fellow Gia Forsman-Härkönen sat down with F-Secure CEO Christian Fredrikson and three security experts for an “ask me anything” Periscope session.

Here are a few things that came up that might surprise people about what it’s like to work at F-Secure.

“There’s no major in how to become a white hat hacker, or how to become a security consultant.” – Antti Tuomi, Principal Security Consultant, Cyber Security Services

F-Secure’s security experts have a wide variety of backgrounds and skillsets that they bring to work with them every single day. While having a computer science background, or at least experience in working with technology, is important, it’s really only scratching the surface of the skills valued in the cyber security industry. Protecting people from today’s threats takes a wide variety of skills and different people working together, so there’s no set path to becoming a professional security expert.

“I realized I can actually do something a bit more fun and feel like you’re kind of saving the world…” – Christine Bejerasco, Service Lead, Online Protection

Working at F-Secure, and the cyber security industry in general, has the upside of being…well…rewarding. The industry is evolving rapidly to counter changes in the threat landscape – threats that expose people and companies to things like cyber crime, unwanted surveillance, and even persecution. F-Secure has been defending customers from these threats for decades. And the decades to come will surely provide those of us fighting for digital freedom even more job satisfaction in the future.

“Before, when we talked about stuff that came out in the Snowden revelations, it was like ‘oh, you guys with your conspiracy theories.’ And then when Snowden comes out with this stuff we’re like ‘see, told you.” – Janne Kauhanen, Key Account Manager, Cyber Security Services

Safely navigating through the connected world we live in is not an easy thing to do. Beneath the slick user interfaces and sexy devices, there’s a lot of stuff going on that can be challenging to try and figure out. An experiment F-Secure ran in 2015 with three UK politicians confirmed this, with one of the participants admitting that many elected representatives don’t have a good understanding of the technologies they make decisions about. Part of what we do at F-Secure is see things that other people don’t, so working here literally allows you to help shed light on some of the important issues we’re all facing today.

“I think that you have to have passion for the industry. You have to understand technology and love technology of course, hard core technology…you got to be in it.” – Christian Fredrikson, CEO, F-Secure

Passion. Understanding. Love. Any job where these drive daily work must be something special.

You can check out the video below to hear more thoughts from another Fellow about his work, or visit F-Secure’s YouTube page for more videos.

Adam Pilkey

08.06.16 3 min. read


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