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How To Keep Your New Tablet Secure

Grace Roberts

08.12.17 2 min. read

This holiday season, you’ve finally gotten the new tablet that you’ve been waiting for. Maybe you’ve chose a Amazon Fire HD 10, or perhaps you’ve opted for a new iPad Pro. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2 might have also been the new tablet of your choice. Regardless of the model and operating system of your new tablet, there’s one thing that these sleek, convenient devices have in common – they need to be properly secured.

Let’s walk through how you can make your new tablet secure against malware and cybercrime.

Use official apps whenever possible and delete apps you’re not using
We’ve already told you about the dangers of downloading apps from unreliable, third-party app stores. This doesn’t only apply to apps that you download onto your smartphone – the apps that you keep on your tablet have just as much potential to harm your device if you aren’t careful. While sticking to the official store of your tablet’s platform, also be sure to consistently check user reviews and go with your gut. If an app strikes you as dodgy, better not to download it onto your device.

Disable WiFi and Bluetooth when you aren’t using them
Both of these connection protocols make it easier to track you. You can simultaneously protect your privacy and preserve your tablet’s battery by keeping WiFi and Bluetooth turned off unless you’re actively using them.

Set up your photos and videos to back up automatically
Either use the service your tablet’s platform offers or that of a third party, so you don’t have to worry about losing the contents of your device. While you can always replace your tablet if it gets lost or stolen, your personal documents are irreplaceable and quickly become more valuable than the device that they’re being stored on.

Put security software on your new tablet
Up-to-date security software on your new tablet is a must. F-Secure TOTAL is a great tool for providing your tablet with complete security and privacy. TOTAL includes the award-winning security of F-Secure SAFE, which has features including Browsing and Banking Protection. This feature protects you when you use online shopping or banking services, as well as when you’re simply surfing the web.

F-Secure TOTAL also includes a subscription to our easy-to-use FREEDOME VPN app. If you plan to use your tablet on public WiFi networks — and who doesn’t — or care about being tracked on the internet, FREEDOME is the privacy tool that your new tablet will thank you for later.

Grace Roberts

08.12.17 2 min. read


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