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How to Stay Safe on Facebook

Jason Sattler

23.02.18 2 min. read

Just don’t click.

If you want a basic piece of advice that can help you avoid nearly all spam, scams and potential viruses that could be spread through Facebook, that’s it. Just don’t click on the “free” offers you see in your feed or the quizzes or the sweepstakes. If a stranger pops up in your Facebook Messenger, never click on the link.

That’s it. You’ve not only protected your security and privacy, you’ve protected your friends’ too. Of course, it’s not that easy.

If you’ve decided to use the site, you need to know that it’s a multi-billion dollar business because when people go to the site, they engage with the content, which is also known as “clicking.” Given that Facebook is designed to be distracting and distraction leads to silly mistakes, you should take every step you can to limit the mistakes you make and they damage they can do.

Courtesy of our F-Secure Connected Life Youtube channel, here are four steps you should take now to stay safe on Facebook:

1. In Security and Login settings, review where you have logged in.
While you’re logged into Facebook, click on the down arrow the upper right corner of your screen and select “Settings.” Then on the left rail, second down, click on Security and Login. You’ll see where your account is logged in now and be able to log out any session that isn’t you. If you see a location logged in that wasn’t done by you, it’s definitely time to change your password.

2. Update and use a strong password unique to your Facebook account.
We recommend you use a password manager for this. You can use our F-Secure KEY for free on any one device.

3. Enable two-factor authentication.
Authenticator app for your smartphone is a good option. To set this up, click on the down arrow the upper right corner of your screen and select “Settings.” Then on the left rail, second down, click on “Security and Login.” Then click on “Set up two-factor authentication.” You’ll see this:

Under “Code Generator,” click on “third party app” and follow the instructions. If you don’t have it, you’ll have to download the Authenticator app from your official app store.

4. Go to Apps menu and select Disable Platform.
Want to keep Facebook from sharing your information with other companies? Block all apps from your Facebook by disabling the app platform. To do this, click on the down arrow the upper right corner of your screen and select “Settings.” Then on the left rail, ten down, click on “Apps.” Under “Apps, Websites and Plugins,” click “Edit.”

Then click “Disable Platform.”

Jason Sattler

23.02.18 2 min. read



3 comments on How to Stay Safe on Facebook
  1. Dr A Banerjee says:

    Thanks a million such information is invaluable! Thanks and regards!

  2. Hussain jaaffer says:

    If I want to change my password and phone number what must i do?

  3. Jason says:

    Facebook’s help can guide you on this. You can start here:

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