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How to Take Total Control of Your Data

Jason Sattler

22.09.17 3 min. read

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“Our online identities are being targeted because they are valuable,” Mikko Hypponen, F-Secure’s Chief Research Officer explains. “Everybody’s information is valuable online.”

Everyone from your search engine to your social network to your ISP can collect your data and analyze it to find out the best way to target you right down to the exact breakfast cereal you eat.

But that’s certainly not the only way you’re targeted when you connect to the web.

“The moment you go online, you are pretty much ripe for the picking,” says Christine Bejerasco, F-Secure Online Protection Service Lead. “So it wouldn’t take long for someone to see that you did not have any level of protection.”

More then 15 million consumers just in the United States alone fell victim to $16 billion worth of identity theft or fraud in 2016, up 16 percent from the previous year, according to Javelin Strategy & Research. Account takeover fraud, where criminals gain access accounts through stolen login information, was up by almost one-third.

“Our goal at F-Secure is to provide you with a better internet, a simpler internet that treats you the way you deserve to be treated, that respects your privacy,” says Sean Sullivan, F-Secure Security Advisor.

F-Secure TOTAL, which combines the award-winning best protection of F-Secure SAFE with the world-renowned FREEDOME VPN, has been updated for 2017 to provide even more control of your personal data.

In addition to antivirus, browsing protection, ransomware protection and Family Rules parental control for all your devices, TOTAL also includes banking protection to keep criminals from taking over you most crucial financial accounts.

“When we are surfing the web, there are surprisingly large amount of parties who might be able to see at least parts of what you’re doing and what you’re interested in,” Mikko said. “We all need privacy and security because we live our lives online. And we do things online that require privacy. And the best way to take action is to use a VPN.”

FREEDOME VPN not only offers a personal network to provide Wi-Fi protection, it also offers tracking protection and lets use virtual locations so you can access your favorite content wherever you travel.

“The longer you delay in actually taking control of your data and figuring out it’s actually worth something to others and they are going to exploit it if you let them, the longer that goes on, the harder it is to eventually take control,” Sean says.

Consider that it’s common now to spend more time online than you do sleeping, creating a data trail that reveals more about you than most of your closest friends and family will ever know.

“So it is a trade-off,” Mikko says. “But it shouldn’t be a trade-off at any price, which means you have to take control of your data. And the right time to take control is now.”

You can try F-Secure TOTAL for free.

Jason Sattler

22.09.17 3 min. read


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