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‘How TOTAL is Your Cyber Security?’

Sandra Proske

01.10.17 4 min. read

It’s October so it’s Cyber Security Awareness Month again.

We’re about to begin biggest online shopping season of the year, so this campaign is well-timed to highlight “the simple steps that can be taken to protect data, whether personal, financial and/or professional.”


To celebrate this annual effort, we’re giving away F-Secure TOTAL one-year licenses — which combines the award-winning best protection of F-Secure SAFE with the world-renowned FREEDOME VPN. Find out more about TOTAL here.

All you have to do to enter is take this quiz and post your score or the word “Complete” in the comments of this post. You’ll find out how TOTAL your cyber security awareness is and get a chance to make your cyber security even better. Read the rules and enter once now. (Please be aware that if this is your first time posting on our blog, your comment will not appear immediately .)

We’ll pick 5 winners when the month is over. Good luck!

How Total is Your Cyber Security?
Give yourself 1 point for every statement below that describes you.

___ 1. I use strong, unique passphrases (or random-generated passwords) for all my most important online accounts.

___ 2. I use two-factor authentication or multi-factor whenever possible on my key accounts. (That’s a password + SMS text or Authenticator code).

___ 3. I keep my software updated.

___ 4. I run updated security software with browsing protection on all every device or PC I can.

___ 5. I know how to vet links in emails before clicking on them (whether for security or tracking purposes).

___ 6. I use a password manager.

___ 7. I have passcodes on my devices.

___ 8. I use a VPN when I connect to public Wi-Fi.

___ 9. I lock my PC when I walk away.

___ 10. I know the vast majority of ransomware threats arrive through email attachments.

10- TOTAL Security
9- Virtually TOTAL Security
8- Pretty Good Security
7- Patchy Security
6 or Below- Time to step up your security


  1. I use strong, unique passphrases (or random-generated passwords) for all my most important online accounts. When it comes to passwords, the longer the better. But using unique passwords for each account is the best way to limit your damage if your services are breached.
  2. I use two-factor authentication or multi-factor whenever possible on my key accounts. (That’s a password + SMS text or Authenticator code). If you don’t have two-factor authentication, you will be hacked. Your password will be guessed eventually. And you won’t be able to kick the hacker out of the account before major damage can be done.
  3. I keep my software updated. Unpatched software is like leaving a broken window on your house. It’s inviting crooks in. When updates for your OS and software, including browsing add-ons, are available update as soon as possible.
  4. I run updated security software with browsing protection on all every device or PC I can. Protect yourself from all known threats and scam sites with updated security software that blocks bad urls with Browsing Protection. With security that uses behavioral-based blocking like F-Secure TOTAL to avoid advanced threats.
  5. I know how to vet links in emails before clicking on them (whether for security or tracking purposes). Links in emails may send you to a phishing scam or just may be tracking you in a way you don’t want to be track. Check links by hovering over them with your mouse to make sure it’s a legitimate URL that isn’t tricking you with a misspelled domain name or extra domains like . If you want to go to the site without the tracking codes, copy and past the url and delete the extra coding.
  6. I use a password manager. Many security experts recognize that remembering dozens of passwords is impossible. A password manager limits that burden to one password that secures them all. You can use F-Secure KEY on one device for free.
  7. I have passcodes on my devices. Without a passcode anyone — including a criminal, your ex or law enforcement — can access your entire online life. Locking with a secure code the most basic security step you should take.
  8. I use a VPN when I connect to public Wi-Fi. Without a VPN, it’s trivial for anyone else using the same Wi-Fi to see big parts of your traffic. Use a VPN on your laptop, on your phone and your tablet. F-Secure TOTAL includes F-Secure FREEDOME VPN, which you can try for free.
  9. I lock my PC when I walk away. Don’t make it easy for intruders. Hit “Windows key + L to lock” on Windows. Enable the lock screen in Mac and hit “Control + Shift + Eject”.
  10. I know the vast majority of ransomware threats arrive through email attachments. F-Secure Labs found that 80% of attachments in spam emails sent in 2016 were ransomware. The trend is continuing in 2017. So avoid clicking attachments at all cost.
Sandra Proske

01.10.17 4 min. read



166 comments on ‘How TOTAL is Your Cyber Security?’
  1. peter says:

    How Total is Your Cyber Security? 10
    Give yourself 1 point for every statement below that describes you.

  2. trims says:

    TEN points…!!!
    safe, freedome and key is my daily tools 😀

  3. RTW says:


  4. Audrey H. says:

    8 pretty good.

  5. hemanthitsme says:

    8 pretty good.

  6. Paul Music says:


  7. Dehay says:

    10 ?

  8. Mike says:

    8 points. But I don´t trust password managers. Some of them have been hacked

  9. Jörgen says:

    9. 🙂

  10. Shawn says:

    I got 4 PTS only. I know all the importance. Is a hassle to do it all.

  11. Minna Kainulainen says:

    Only 7 ?

  12. Juha says:

    10 points.

  13. Thomas says:

    It’s a 9 for me. Lock the computer *most* of the time

  14. Paul says:

    10 out of 10 – Yay!!! (With some F-Secure help of course)

  15. Peter says:

    10 points!

  16. 8… There’s always room for improvement 🙂

  17. ahmad says:

    I’ve tried almost all the antiviruses, just a deception
    I would love to try your security too

  18. Stephen says:

    8 points. Will be 9 if I win and can install F-Secure on my mobile devices.

  19. Raija Kanerva says:

    I believe I can safely say I got ten points ! ?

  20. Jani says:

    9 points, since I haven’t been happy with the VPN solutions I’ve tried so far. I suppose I’ll have to give Freedome a try too.

  21. WobblyNL says:

    6, I try to be honest if it comes from a trusted source i just click links, i mean who has time to vet all the things.

  22. Kuldeep says:

    8 points

  23. ottoikonen says:

    9 points

  24. roger graneryd says:


  25. Dale Pearson says:

    9 btw

  26. Leevi Sievälä says:

    10 points!

  27. Peter Paciorkiewicz says:

    My score is 7 points

  28. theelear says:

    I got 7 points

  29. kasperlassen says:

    10 actually 🙂

  30. Roby says:

    Complete . Passwords manager is in my brain ;-).

  31. Juan Espinosa says:


  32. janli_ says:


  33. Payam samadi says:

    8 points!

  34. Prax Prasanna says:

    8 points

  35. Karim Mohamed Saied says:


  36. Voitto says:

    9,5 (nobodys perfect)

  37. Sickalot says:

    I already pay for all this…. and i give It easy 10 points 🙂

  38. PetriP says:

    8 points

  39. Markus Tuomi says:

    10 points with clean conscience 🙂

  40. Jari says:

    9 I forget to lock my pc sometimes when leaving my workroom

  41. Julio says:

    Got 10 points ?

  42. MikaM says:

    8 points ?

  43. Oxa says:

    If I say 3 all hackers will rush on my comp :((

  44. kry says:

    7. Im still in soneage apparently..

  45. Ian C says:

    I managed 9 points, because I would rather link my laptop through my phone when out, than use public Wi-Fi. I keep meaning to try VPN again, as it was troublesome to use years ago.

  46. Herra Huu says:

    8. My lock is on a door with with an inbuilt solid steelplate and other than that I’m either present or the computer is turned off. And my mobile smart devices are equipped with several different

  47. Joakim Orb says:

    8-ish, but with some gaps…that this would fill in 🙂

  48. Jukka Mattila says:


  49. Fredrik Tillman says:

    10 🙂

  50. Petfi Voutilainen says:

    Complete with about 8 points

  51. Juha Heikanen says:

    8 points for me• Good Product•

  52. Johan says:


  53. Juha Wirekoski says:

    10 almost always! ?

  54. Midi says:

    9 or 10. If you count Freedome’s browsing protection as security software.

  55. anders winnerkvist says:


  56. Jiiskis says:

    Total 10 points naturally.

  57. Anssi Korppi says:

    As a pro i cannot give myself less than 10

  58. 10 I’d better get a 10 considering what I do for a living.

  59. mathewrapid says:

    10. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

  60. Jukka Lääkkölä says:

    Kiitos hyvistä ohjelmistoista. Mitä Sense reititin teille antaa tietoa. Hyvin on Sense toiminut.

  61. Pentti Savolainen says:


  62. Timo marttinen says:

    9. I never use password apps… i use in every place different exelent passwords and i dont write it down! All in the head..

  63. Jukka Lääkkölä says:

    Verigud Sense

  64. Panu says:

    7 points

  65. Björn Olsson says:

    F-Secure is the best one ever! 10 Points!

  66. Björn Olsson says:

    I will like to get F-Secure to protect my computer!

  67. Big Al says:

    9 as I do not use a VPN.

  68. Markku Luostarinen says:

    Complete with about 8.

  69. Parham says:

    9 😀

    And i’m sure the next year i’ll be 10 😉

  70. Lassi says:


  71. manide says:

    9 and … Complete!

  72. Chris Jameson says:

    8 out of 10
    Running F-Secure Total already but not a password manager yet

  73. Konuray says:

    I was able to score 10 points, but I am honest, I did not want to score points, but rather to test myself and your own behavior. This I have done in the truest sense of the word have 9 points Complete!

  74. Everest says:

    Without if and but 10 points, Complet.

  75. Avantgard says:

    Frankly, I hope to score six points while I hope to win the draw F-Secure SAFE or TOTAL. If this is not paradoxical someone of the 10 points reaches him with a prize. Such a participant as my person deserve a prize. So 6 points, complete.

  76. Robespierre says:

    I watch the F-Secure continuously through av-test and in its sector as a cybersecurity authority applies to av-comparatives. F-secure with its techno-culture inspires me and deserves to be very good at the first league. Now to this questionnaire got 9 points …. Complete.

  77. Boran says:

    Helsinki-Finland, Pisa study shows only what can come from this country, top education = top products! All questions carefully read and achieved with one exception 9 points..Complete.

  78. Erdem says:

    F-Secure obtains with av-test and with the pointed authority av-comparatives, in every hardness test and discipline very good grades! Unfortunately this level I can not reach with this questionnaire. I got 8 points …. Complete.

  79. Langnese says:

    With my knowledge only 8 points reached! This alone proves urgently a protection by F-Secure Safe or Total! My deficit can only substitute F-Secure! I hope and wish very much to get an annual license. Only 8 points..Complete.

  80. Elif says:

    After many trials and study on the Internet jungle, which cost me a lot of time and nerves, I learned in 2015 by Chip magazine F-Secure. F-Secure is ultra-lightweight, according to my findings, uses pointed cyber technology and Bitdefender Enginering. F-Secure and its quality can not be defined but experienced. Currently I and my family urgently need protection, F-Secure SAFE or TOTAL would not be wrong! Now to the results; I have reached 9 points …

  81. J-man says:

    8, Pretty good security

  82. Pekka Raninen says:

    8, because questions 8 & 9 not applicable in my case. So, basically a tenner. 🙂

  83. sR says:


  84. Pekka says:

    6 points!!!

  85. Dares says:

    8 Points

  86. Francisco Andres Jimenez Cogollos says:

    Patchy Security
    Need to improve

  87. Rich Butler says:

    7 points.

  88. Tamas Jozsa says:

    I guess I got 7 points!

  89. Sameer says:


  90. Sami says:

    10 points but there is always room to improve.

  91. Kristian says:

    9 points.

  92. Adel says:

    9 points. I only don’t use password manager.
    But even this all does not make us totally safe…

  93. Åsa says:


  94. Hugo Barbosa says:

    Complete with 9 points.

  95. TfH says:

    8 points. I lost total of 2 points because I’ve opted out for two factor authentication in some services due to the inability to use it in mobile devices and other point I lost in not using VPN (couldn’t afford to renew license and had to prioritize money I had left for offline living).

  96. Anders says:

    Complete. But completely safe?

  97. Matias Myréen says:


  98. Per Kjellsson says:

    I got 8 points.

  99. Libor says:

    9 points – Not using password manager across because I am using multiple devices with various platforms.

  100. Stefano says:

    10 ?

  101. Markus says:

    only 7 points

  102. Michel says:

    10 point for me.

  103. Dino Revie says:


  104. Isak M says:


  105. Kenneth Gäddnäs says:


  106. kennethgaddnas says:


  107. MR says:

    8 points, still unsecure on mobile devices…

  108. Riina says:


  109. Joshua says:


  110. Geir André Strømsvold says:

    9 points, do not always lock my computer when leaving the room :/

  111. Arne E. Jensen says:


  112. Arne E. Jensen says:

    10 points I use Freedom , would bee more safe with F-secure Total

  113. Johannes Rämö says:


  114. Lassi says:


  115. Eemi Tantarimäki says:

    9 points

  116. Mikko says:


  117. Eero says:

    9 points

  118. Jan Sto says:


  119. PhanaThor says:

    6 1/2. I some times forget to lock my computer.

  120. David says:

    Complete … but only about 6.

  121. Juhani Väihkönen says:


  122. Tiago says:


  123. Kutonen says:


  124. Mika says:


  125. tates11 says:

    I get only 5 points!

  126. Jukka says:

    Complete – and 10 points!

  127. Joakim says:

    Complete, 9 points.

  128. enolander says:

    10 points here.

  129. Janne says:


  130. L.K. says:

    9 points. Everything but the pw manager.

  131. Mikko Palosvirta says:


  132. Markus M says:


  133. Seemi Hintsanen says:

    8. A bit sloppy when it comes to 2 factor auth. Because theyr are sluggish on the services i use and they hold nothing so valuable i would regret losint temporarily.

  134. Markku says:


  135. Tatu Kaupinmäki says:

    Complete. Got 8.

  136. jussirr says:

    9. Complete.

  137. Marko Määttä says:


  138. Fredrik says:


  139. Jari Partonen says:


  140. Tony says:

    I manage to score an eight

  141. Danne Persson says:

    5 points! ?

  142. Mika says:

    Complete and got 8 points.

  143. 7. It seems I have to improve.

  144. Petri says:

    10 or actually 11. All devices that have capasity have crypted disk or data storage

  145. Luca Marius says:


  146. Jlo says:


  147. Marko Salmela says:


  148. Jan says:

    8 points

  149. MattiA says:


  150. Joonas says:


  151. Otso says:

    9 points,, virtually total security 🙂

  152. Ronan O'Flaherty says:

    Complete – scored 7!

  153. Jani Laine says:

    8 ( abit too lazy for 10 points)

  154. Johan Törnroos says:

    Complete, 9/10

  155. Jani Siuro says:


  156. Vesku says:

    Yes. I need to improve my safety on cyber space …

  157. Dora says:

    Although I have reached 10 points but nowadays where on the internet drove many lurking is not enough to get along with this knowledge. You have to protect yourself from one of the best in the first league of anti-virus software, F-Secure is one of them. I would like to use F-Secure Total for at least 1 year without any worries, I hope this can be realized. So 10 points complete.

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