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My First Anniversary at F-Secure

Noora Hyvärinen

29.05.17 3 min. read

…and what a journey has it been.

I have enjoyed every minute of my first 365 days at F-Secure, even though (or because) every day has presented a new challenge. In its nearly three decades, this company has never had a dedicated resource for talent acquisition or employer branding. But as the cyber security industry gets hotter and hotter, it found that it couldn’t live without one. That’s where I came in.

I started amidst chaos. The company needed to recruit more than hundred cyber security consultants and software developers as well as sales and marketing professionals across the globe. At the same time we were rolling out new recruitment tool, choosing new channels for recruitment marketing and renewing our referral program. And those were only the internal initiatives.

When I began speaking to candidates I quickly realized that outside world did not know much about us as an employer. In many countries, we didn’t have any employer brand at all. So we decided to define our employer value proposition. It was rewarding to get a deep dive in our culture and ways of working and getting to know our leadership. Our value prop really emphasizes our core values and reason for being:

We work for a greater purpose — making the world a safer place. We trust our Fellows to perform and do the right thing and most importantly we have a great group of people, Fellowship, who all share the same interest in being successful together to help our customers to be free in digital world.

I have personally experienced F-Secure’s unique Fellowship when implementing new processes and getting the word out about us as an employer. My colleagues are always willing to help and chip in when asked. The company is small enough for every individual to make a difference but large enough so that we always have support to lean on. You are encouraged to speak your mind and trusted to do your job as you see right.

I work closely with our marketing and communications team as well as stakeholders from each business unit to get a feel what they are about. These relationships help me to give insights about us to potential new employees and at the same time spread the word within the company about our employer value proposition and what candidates expect from us.

A year later, we still have ambitious expansion plans. Recruiting is going forward full-speed so we need to find out even more efficient ways of working. It’s also crucial that we free our managers’ schedules so that they have time to meet with candidates. Nobody does a better job of explaining what F-Secure is all about.

I have had the pleasure to interact with dozens of Fellows in Finland and across the globe. We are in 25 countries and have hired some great people together. We work hard but have lots of fun at the same time. I enjoy working with diverse teams and love the fact that even in our HQ in Helsinki I get to work from people who hail from 30 different nations.

My journey is just beginning. With the demands of this industry, there is a continuous need for development. I am lucky to have freedom to do my job as I see fit and I know that freedom will lasts for as long as I deliver results.

We are always seeking new talent. So if you are software developer, cyber security consultant, sales or marketing person passionate about cyber security, keep an eye on us or get it touch.

Watch this video learn how to get a job with us. (SORRY: It’s encrypted in Finnish.)

Noora Hyvärinen

29.05.17 3 min. read


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