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New Year. New Team. New Possibilities.

Sandra Proske

24.01.17 1 min. read

This is how we like to start a new year.

We’re launching a new development team at F-Secure. It will be in the front line of our flagship product operating within our consumer cyber security business unit.

The team will be located at our headquarters R&D in Helsinki, surrounded by our product teams made up of some of the top cyber security professionals in the world. The team will also be working closely with our teams in Kuala Lumpur, Oulu and Helsinki, which include experts on business analytics, marketing, customer experience, security and R&D.

This will be a truly a cross-functional and international team working in an fast-paced zero-boredom environment. You’ll be able to follow the success of your work in real time through sales, renewals and customer satisfaction measures. This is a position where you can make a difference and the impact of your work can be obvious in our company metrics.

The new team consists of:

  1. Lead Developer
  2. Senior Developer
  3. Test automation oriented Software Developers

The following web development skills are essential: PHP, JS, MySQL and Python/NodeJS. The service will be running in AWS and team will work in DevOps manner.

If this sounds like the way you want to begin your 2017, we invite you to come and see things others don’t.

Sandra Proske

24.01.17 1 min. read


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