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Protect Your New Laptop With F-Secure TOTAL

Grace Roberts

22.12.17 1 min. read

A new laptop is at the top of many of our wish lists.

Operating system and model aside, laptops remain as highly capable devices that keep track of and store the majority of our documents and personal data.

If you’re one of the lucky individuals to receive a new laptop during this holiday season, it’s imperative that you take the time to properly secure it.



As discussed in the video above, a great fear of many consumers is to lose all of the data stored on their laptops. Mikael puts it nicely when he says, ”If the laptop breaks down or gets stolen, a new one can be bought. But photos, videos and documents from our past can’t be replaced.”

So, what can we do to prevent malware from infecting our cherished new laptops?

Having a trusted security software that protects our laptop, making it secure and protecting our digital privacy allows us to use it in exactly the ways that we want to.

F-Secure TOTAL is a great solution that provides your new laptop with everything that it needs to remain protected in the digital world. TOTAL includes the award-winning security of F-Secure SAFE, which has features including Browsing and Banking Protection. This feature protects you when you use online shopping or banking services on your laptop, as well as when you’re simply surfing the web.

F-Secure TOTAL also includes a subscription to our FREEDOME VPN app. When using your laptop in your favorite cafe or on the road, FREEDOME VPN makes it easy to stay protected on unsecured WiFi networks.

Grace Roberts

22.12.17 1 min. read


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