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Demystifying Vulnerability Management

Emma Paajanen

27.06.17 2 min. read

High-profile breaches have made everyone conscious of cyber security issues, and as awareness and knowledge have grown, leadership teams and boards have begun to take a direct interest in the security of the companies they lead. Given that there are very real monetary and reputational consequences to a security breach, company boards and executive teams want to know what steps you are taking to prevent one. This means that CISOs will need to deliver clear-cut reports and action plans to tackle the risks.

The stakes are high. What is needed is a solid structure for monitoring and managing cyber risks in the company.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the incident response cases we’ve worked on across the globe, practically every attack still involves an exploited vulnerability. Our experiences are backed up by data. A new security vulnerability is identified every 90 minutes, and several thousands of vulnerabilities are disclosed every year. On average, it takes 103 days for a vulnerability to be remediated. And in contrast, the time it takes from a patch coming out to when an exploit appears in the wild is on average 15 days.


The foundation of a solid cyber security program

Vulnerability management is the foundation of any information security program and regulatory compliance framework. Companies that take cyber security seriously run a robust vulnerability management program that includes multiple scans per year, comprehensive reporting on risk, as well as detailed tracking and remediation.

In this report, you’ll find a roundup of the essentials. Vulnerability management is more than running a vulnerability scanner and remediating the resulting vulnerabilities on an annual basis. Only constant scanning and ruthless control can help you find vulnerabilities before anyone else does.

In our report, we discuss the state of vulnerability management and give advice on how to mitigate cyber security risks with a proactive approach to vulnerability management. If you’re interested in the latest insights, we recommend you to download the report!


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Emma Paajanen

27.06.17 2 min. read


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