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Spam campaign targets Exodus Mac Users

Noora Hyvärinen

02.11.18 2 min. read

We’ve seen a small spam campaign that attempts to target Mac users that use Exodus, a multi-cryptocurrency wallet.

The theme of the email focuses mainly on Exodus. The attachment was “” and the sender domain was “update-exodus[.]io”, suggesting that it wanted to associate itself to the organization. It was trying to deliver a fake Exodus update by using the subject “Update 1.64.1 Release – New Assets and more”. Whereas, the latest released version for Exodus is 1.63.1.

Fake Exodus Update email

Extracting the attached archive leads to the application which was apparently created yesterday.

Spytool’s creation date

The application contains a mach-O binary with the filename “rtcfg”. The legitimate Exodus application, however, uses “Exodus”.

We checked out the strings and found a bunch of references to “realtime-spy-mac[.]com” website.

From the website, the developer described their software as a cloud-based surveillance and remote spy tool. Their standard offering costs $79.95 and comes with a cloud-based account where users can view the images and data that the tool uploaded from the target machine. The strings that was extracted from the Mac binary from the mail spam coincides with the features mentioned in the realtime-spy-mac[.]com tool.

Strings inside the Realtime-Spy tool

Searching for similar instances of the Mac keylogger in our repository yielded to other samples using these filenames:


Based on the spy tool’s website, it appears that it does not only support Mac, but Windows as well. It’s not the first time that we’ve seen Windows threats target Mac. As the crimeware threat actors in Windows take advantage of the cryptocurrency trend, they too seem to want to expand their reach, thus also ended up targeting Mac users.

Indicators of Compromise


  • b6f5a15d189f4f30d502f6e2a08ab61ad1377f6a – rtcfg
  • 3095c0450871f4e1d14f6b1ccaa9ce7c2eaf79d5 –
  • 04b9bae4cc2dbaedc9c73c8c93c5fafdc98983aa –
  • c22e5bdcb5bf018c544325beaa7d312190be1030 –
  • d3150c6564cb134f362b48cee607a5d32a73da66 –
  • bf54f81d7406a7cfe080b42b06b0a6892fcd2f37 –


  • Monitor:OSX/Realtimespy.b6f5a15d18!Online


  • realtime-spy-mac[.]com
  • update-exodus[.]io


Noora Hyvärinen

02.11.18 2 min. read


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