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Tactics for cyber security defenders: Secure your internal network

Noora Hyvärinen

07.01.19 1 min. read

The internal IT network is the most common entry point for any attacker into your critical systems. In our recent case example, leading pulp producer Pulp Global fell victim to a targeted attack. With some basic cyber defense tactics, the attack could have been stopped.  

An attacker accessed Pulp Global’s corporate network via an unsuspecting employee’s computer. Before anyone noticed, the intruder had infiltrated the industrial control systems (ICS) network. The mill operations were halted, putting the whole business at risk.  

ICS networks are complex and well-guarded, so how could an attacker get so far?  

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Detect anomalous activity

Cyber security is so much more than software, and the chain of events in a targeted attack is always complicated. The human mistakes that led to a full-scale attack on Pulp Global could happen in any organization. Even with the latest and greatest technology, a simple mistake can allow an attacker access to your company’s network.  

Keeping an eye out for odd behavior is the best way to fight against breaches. A high-precision cyber threat detection and response solution helps identify anomalous activity in your network. The sooner you notice an intruder, the smaller the losses for your business. 

Cover your corporate network first

Securing the crown jewels of your business – your production facility, intellectual property, sensitive data, and the like – should always start from covering your corporate network. 

Pulp Global learned a lesson on why the basics of security can’t be ignored.  On a positive note, there are many actions a defending company can take to spot and stop the progress of an attacker. 

Noora Hyvärinen

07.01.19 1 min. read


Stay one step ahead of the criminal mind

In this data breach nightmare, hackers strike as a company prepares for a buyout. Is your company prepared for a cyber attack?

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