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Taking Pwnie Out On The Town

Noora Hyvärinen

14.08.18 1 min. read


Black Hat 2018 is now over, and the winners of the Pwnie Awards have been published. The Best Client-Side Bug was awarded to Georgi Geshev and Rob Miller for their work called “The 12 Logic Bug Gifts of Christmas.”

Pwnies2018 The Pwnie Awards

Georgi and Rob work for MWR Infosecurity, which (as some of you might remember) was acquired by F-Secure earlier this year. Both MWR and F-Secure have a long history of geek culture. One thing we’ve done for years, is to take our trophies (or “Poikas”) for a trip around the town.

So, while the Pwnie is still here in Helsinki before going home to UK, we took it around the town!

Pwnie2018 HQ

Pwnie at the F-Secure HQ.

Pwnie2018 Kanava

Pwnie at Ruoholahdenkanava.

Pwnie2018 Harbour

Pwnie at the West Harbour.

Pwnie2018 Baana

Pwnie looks at the Baana.

Pwnie2018 Museum

Pwnie and some Atari 2600s and laptops at the Helsinki computer museum.

Pwnie2018 MIG

Pwnie looking at a Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 supersonic interceptor.

Pwnie2018 Tennispalatsi

Pwnie at the Art Museum.

Pwnie2018 awards

Pwnie chilling on our award shelf.

Pwnie2018 Parliament

Pwnie at the house of parliament.


Pwnie at the Tuomikirkko Cathedral.

Thanks for all the bugs, MWR!


P.S. If you’re wondering about the word “Poika” we use for trophies, here’s a short documentary video that explains it in great detail.

Noora Hyvärinen

14.08.18 1 min. read



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