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Cyber Security Test: benchmark your business’ protection

Noora Hyvärinen

15.10.19 3 min. read

Prevention alone is no longer enough, even for smaller businesses. Today’s cyber criminals use a range of strategies, including both opportunistic and targeted attacks against companies of all sizes and industries. In the current threat landscape, it’s important to take a holistic approach. No matter what industry you’re in or the size of your company, you should be able to predict, prevent, detect and respond to any attempted security breach. F-Secure’s free Cyber Security Test can tell you your company’s strengths and weaknesses.

Why do you need these cyber security capabilities?

You might feel that cyber attackers are unlikely to target your organization – but can you be sure?

  • According to Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report 2019, 43% of all cyber security breaches involved small businesses, and 56% of these breaches went undiscovered for months or years.
  • The 4iQ Identity Breach Report 2019 reported a 424% increase in cyber security breaches between 2017 and 2019.
  • According to 4iQ, cyber criminals are increasingly focused on targeting small businesses.
  • Our own survey found that over 70% of companies with under 500 employees detected one or several cyber attacks during 2018.

So, how can you know whether you have the capabilities your company needs?

Find out your strengths and weaknesses

F-Secure’s Cyber Security Test can give you a complete evaluation of your company’s cyber security in about ten minutes. When you complete the test, you will receive a list of areas where you need to improve, a graphic comparing your company’s results to other companies around the world, and ratings of your company’s ability to predict, prevent, detect, and respond to a cyber attack.

The test consists of 24 statements in four categories. For every statement, you simply indicate whether you agree or disagree on a scale of one to five.

The first category includes questions about your company’s risk management processes, regulatory compliance, device scanning, and patch management capabilities. These questions assess your ability to predict an attack.

The second category includes questions about employee training, cyber security procedures, endpoint protection and hardening, spam filtering, application control, and independent assessments of your cyber security. These questions assess your ability to prevent an attack.

The third category includes questions about your ability to detect intruders, your ability to detect internal threats such as leaks or sabotage, your ability to control access to confidential data, your policies with external vendors and suppliers, and your ability to be proactive about potential threats. These questions assess your ability to detect an attack.

The final category includes questions about your crisis management plans, your crisis management exercises, your ability to respond to a breach once an attack has occurred, and your ability to investigate and remediate a security breach. These questions assess your ability to respond to an attack.

Get your custom cyber security report

Once you’ve completed the questions, all you have to do is request your free custom report, review the results, and start making the improvements you need to make.

Your results will show you exactly where you stand compared to other companies in your industry and size bracket, allowing you to compare your company’s performance question by question with what other companies are doing. You will also receive specific data about the threat frequency, security priorities and best practices in your industry, as well as information on your biggest cyber security gaps.

This information will allow you to focus on the most critical issues first, correcting lower priority issues after your most important gaps have been addressed. You can also schedule a free consultation on your report with one of our experts if you’d like some assistance.

Under the GDPR, a security breach can result in large fines for failing to protect the personal data of EU citizens – fines that could represent a disaster for a smaller business. F-Secure’s free Cyber Security Test shows what you need to do to improve your cyber security, avoiding data breaches and the fines that go with them.

Take the test


Noora Hyvärinen

15.10.19 3 min. read


Cyber Security Test

Get your custom cyber security report, complete with benchmarks in your industry.


Take the test

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