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This Data Privacy Day, pick up one new privacy habit

Sandra Proske

28.01.16 2 min. read

January 28 is Data Privacy Day in the U.S. and Data Protection Day in Europe and the idea is the same all over the world: If you don’t watch out for your data, no one will.

Every day, we put tremendous amounts of trust in the sites we use, the services we choose and the governments who are supposed to protect us but spend a lot of time making sure they can watch us too. It takes a society to shape these policies and we encourage you to join with those who demand privacy as a human right.

But even as an individual, there is a lot you can do to keep your data private.

In fact, there’s probably too much you can do. Many of us get inundated with security and privacy tips and end up doing nothing to protect ourselves.

So this Privacy Day, keep it simple. Just focus on one new thing you can do to keep your data more secure.

Here is a privacy menu to choose from:

  1. Always lock your PC and devices when they aren’t in use. And if you want to step it up, don’t just use a good passcode, use a good passphrase.
  2. Stop trying to memorize your passwords. And do what the pros do: use a password manager like our F-Secure KEY, which is free on one device, instead.
  3. Check your privacy settings. Start with the platform you use the most.
  4. Use two-factor authentication. It’s the easiest way to keep your accounts from being hacked and more and more sites offer it.
  5. Always use a VPN when you connect to public Wi-Fi. Avoid bad network connections and keep your data from being sniffed. Our Freedome VPN also blocks online trackers.

If you do all of these things, good on you.

You’re ready to go to Edward Snowden or an ex-FBI agent levels of privacy.




Sandra Proske

28.01.16 2 min. read



1 comments on This Data Privacy Day, pick up one new privacy habit
  1. Jon says:

    You do not mention one of the main ways of securing a PC – setting up an administrator account, and converting your day-to-day account into a standard account. That way any significant change to your system will ask you for your admin password, meaning that no-one except you can make the changes.

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