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Threats to the law firm in the UK

Henry Bureau

14.11.19 1 min. read

Understanding the threat landscape and where your organization sits within it is no easy task.

But it is far from impossible.

We know a fair amount about the primary threat groups, their motivations, their targets, and their methods. But how do you craft your cyber security strategy around the specific threats to an organization, especially who might target you, why, and how?

VUCA – Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity – is a framework for assessing and ensuring your security strategy is aligned with your leadership’s needs and objectives, and the unique threats you face.

Here, we apply VUCA to law firms in the UK, to enable you to craft a security strategy that combines the people, processes, and technology required to protect your organization.

Henry Bureau

14.11.19 1 min. read


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