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Two hats, three aims, and four quarters

Michael Sandelson

17.11.18 4 min. read

To commemorate F-Secure’s 30th year of innovation, we’re profiling 30 of our fellows from our more than 25 offices around the globe.

Cyber security is not all about being serious at work, explains F-Secure’s Director, Industry Analyst Relations and Global Events.

Marjaana Virkkala has numerous responsibilities in her job. For someone with so many, you would assume that her entrance into the office would reflect that.

“Good morning,” she says at the beginning of each working day, walking in with characteristically understated Nordic calm. And a smile. In keeping with other Fellows’, her job is varied.

“It depends on the quarter, month, week, or day – and there can be quick changes to plans. A big event in the pipeline means that days are more hectic with planning, coordinating, and executing a variety of tasks,” she explains. “Then again, if we are getting ready for a product or service launch, the day can be busy. There could be briefing or inquiry calls with industry analysts from firms such as Gartner, Forrester, IDC, or the likes.

‘Average’ days can include one-on-ones with her team members, or status or planning meetings with the other teams they cooperate closely with. Marjaana leads both the Industry Analyst Relations and Global Events teams within Marketing and Communications.

“My team’s role in Industry Analyst Relations is to ensure F-Secure is recognized as an established industry player in the relevant market reports by keeping the industry analysts up-to-date on company strategy, portfolio, and facts and figures,” she says.

“In Global Events, my team’s role is to ensure the event experience is coherent, and that we have a strategic and effective approach to event management at F-Secure. Our job is mainly to support the marketing, but we also project-manage some of the events, such as our annual customer event SPECIES.”

Two roles, and sometimes at once, can be challenging.

“I sometimes feel like it’s an organised chaos, but hey, this is what comes with wearing two hats on the same head,” laughs Marjaana.

At the same time, she is pleased that she joined F-Secure. The company’s sense of togetherness, called ‘Fellowship’, is something that she both values and finds unique.

“We work hard but we also have a lot of fun together. My previous job was at Nokia. Life at F-Secure felt very different coming from a large enterprise. I admit that I used to be quite “stiff” or ‘corporatish’, but that quickly changed in the F-Secure culture. I found the-more-relaxed-and-fun-me!

Like many people, Marjaana used to look upon cyber security as being an afterthought before she started working for the company.

“I didn’t know much more about cyber security than what was in the news, but F-Secure was a familiar and respected brand. I knew this was a job I wanted as soon as I saw the advertised position that fitted my experience. Turns out it did! I’ve learnt so much about the threats, industry, products and services, protecting businesses and families, as well as the cybersecurity business in general. In light of what I know now, I have huge respect for the company with all its expertise and skills for fighting the criminal mind, as well as its integrity to do it in a way that means customers can fully trust us,” she comments.

And 6.5 years after joining, Marjaana has achieved three aims and thinks her job has many favourite parts.

“Looking back, I’ve established the internal communications, industry analyst relations, and most recently global events operations. I’m honoured that I’ve been given the opportunity to be the initiator in so many fields, develop my professional and leadership skills, and learn new things. I’m also happy about the variety of different kinds of tasks, both strategic and hands-on, working cross-functionally in an international environment; not to mention the opportunity to get to know so many talented fellows with different expertise areas,” she says.

There is one thing about her job that might surprise most people, however.

“Cyber security is a serious business, but we are definitely not serious at work all of the time; we laugh and joke a lot!” concludes Marjaana.

Check out our open positions if you want to join Marjaana and the hundreds of other great fellows fighting to keep internet users safe from online threats.

Michael Sandelson

17.11.18 4 min. read


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