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What you need to know about WannaCry, the biggest crypto-ransomware outbreak ever

Emma Paajanen

13.05.17 1 min. read

F-Secure Labs has been warning about the exponential growth of ransomware. Crypto-ransomware called WannaCry, WCry, WannaCrypt, or the likes — which exploded across the globe on Friday, 12 May — unfortunately proved the predictions right.

Multiple organizations have been hit, and infected users are unable to use their machines unless they pay a ransom in Bitcoin. F-Secure has got reports from more than 60 countries. Mikko Hypponen, our Chief Research Officer, calls it “the biggest ransomware outbreak in history.”

The National Health Service in England is one of the largest organizations to be affected, with treatments and surgeries delayed throughout the system. Ambulances have even been diverted. This is a global outbreak, though. Here’s what you might have seen if you were in Frankfurt on Friday:



This article as well as this page will catch you up if you’re not up to speed on the latest.


F-Secure endpoint products proactively prevent all in-the-wild examples of the WannaCry ransomware.

Customers are protected with F-Secure’s advanced endpoint protection that offers next-generation technology. F-Secure’s Deepguard functionality provides host-based behavioral analysis and exploit interception that proactively blocks ransomware such as WannaCry.

Organizations should make sure to have a properly configured firewall and the latest Windows security updates installed, in particular MS17-010, to prevent spreading. F-Secure Software Updater helps companies to identify and patch third-party systems.

F-Secure’s vulnerability manager, F-Secure Radar, flags the missing Microsoft security patch and the vulnerable 445 port for immediate action, having given IT admins ample time to fix the vulnerabilities before the outbreak.

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Emma Paajanen

13.05.17 1 min. read


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