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The Value of Red Teaming

Noora Hyvärinen

19.10.17 1 min. read


A red team test is a security test against your organization performing the worst case scenarios without the nasty aftermath. It allows your organization to improve its security by testing the sum of all its parts, when it comes to your investments made in processes, technology, physical security and training.

A team of experts act as real-life attackers and try every legal trick in the book in order to attain the objectives set out at the beginning of the test through information gathering, physical premises breaching, phishing, social engineering, network or application hacking and data exfiltration.


Red team testing goes beyond assumptions


How easy is it to reach customer information in bulk for an outsider? What is the real impact of a missing laptop in the hands of a red-teamer? What would it take to compromise your cloud services or management networks? Are your ERP/CRM solutions under control and logging what is required in order to spot user account hijacking? Is internal access to your intellectual property controlled? Are your third parties committing to the requirements? Red team testing goes beyond assumptions and tests what is vital to your business.

The outcome of a red team test provides invaluable information to organizations in knowing and understanding gaps that might lead to an undetected incident in the future. Only when the risks are known, can changes be introduced and informed business decisions be made.


Noora Hyvärinen

19.10.17 1 min. read


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