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Beyond the GDPR: Navigating the New Privacy Landscape

Emma Paajanen

09.05.17 1 min. read


The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enters into force in May 2018. At the center of the GDPR is the concept of accountability for the handling of personal data. The GDPR will bring with it new obligations, but there’s a carrot as well as a stick. Getting data protection right requires an upfront investment, but offers a payoff down the line – not only in better compliance and data breach prevention, but a competitive advantage. In the long term, the GDPR also has potential to change the best practices in terms of the architecture of personal data processing. After the initial compliance efforts, design changes on both business process and technical implementation levels may be the best way to ensure cost effective data protection in the long term. Instead of focusing on quick fixes to comply with the GDPR, companies should look beyond the May 2018 deadline and focus on sustainable improvements to identify business opportunities, while taking a proactive approach to data privacy and cyber security.


F-Secure Webinar: Beyond the GDPR


In our webinar, F-Secure CISO Erka Koivunen asks questions on privacy and the GDPR, and Laura Noukka, Risk Management Consultant, and Antti Vähä-Sipilä, Principal Security Consultant, from F-Secure Cyber Security Services answer. The webinar explores what the GDPR proposes, and how it will impact organizations. In addition, Erka, Laura and Antti talk about the most effective ways to respond to the GDPR, and how to seize the opportunities to gain a competitive edge during this period of transformation.

Emma Paajanen

09.05.17 1 min. read



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