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WEBINAR: Ensuring Business Continuity Under Covid-19: A CISO’s Perspective

F-Secure Global

09.04.20 2 min. read


The sudden global lockdown has left many organisations scrabbling to keep operations running smoothly. Faced with the often monumental challenge of quickly enabling mass remote working for their staff, the speed and scope of the change has put unprecedented pressure on CISOs.  

In this webinar, F-Secure’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Erka Koivunendiscussed the methods used by cybercriminals to exploit the crisis as well as the implications of the sudden wholesale shift to remote working for CISOs and the possible changes in the future of cybersecurity.   

CISOs and CIOs are under immense pressure to ensure systems remain as secure as possible, sensitive data is effectively protected and networks can withstand the pressure. At the same time they have to defend their organisations amid accelerated threat levels, as would-be attackers ramp up attacks in a bid to exploit the coronavirus confusion.   

Some of the key takeaways from this webinar:  

  • Organizations may be tempted to cut corners security wise. Don’t.  
  • Update your business continuity plans and identify key individuals who are critical to the business continuity as well as individuals who can substitute them should they fall ill 
  • These new changes are also bringing upon new threats. Therefore, always challenge the existing assumptions about your security infrastructure 
  • Remember: Hacking is an attack against assumptions. The adversaries observing the behaviors or organizations and can easily recognize a soft or weak spot.  
  • Current primary means of collaborating is through video conferencing. Initiate meeting on your own platform to have full control over your security and the ability to research problems, if any, as well as to deny access when it is needed 

CISOs and CIOs play a major role in ensuring business continuity by keeping the organization safe from malicious attacks. Watch the recording of our webinar with Chief Information Security Officer, Erka Koivunen, to learn more.  

Watch the webinar
F-Secure Global

09.04.20 2 min. read


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