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WEBINAR: How leaders can build resilience during crises

F-Secure Global

17.04.20 2 min. read


Effective leadership is critical in times of crises. The current pandemic, for example, is causing both people and businesses to feel insecure about the future – whether in terms of personal wellbeing or threats to the health of their organization. Now, more than ever, leaders must step up with practical and emotional support to shore up the resilience of their business.

In his latest webinar, F-Secure’s Chief Executive Officer, Samu Konttinen, shared his insights on the current challenges from a leader’s perspective as well as a set of tactics to keep your business running smoothly without compromising resilience or security.

CIOs and CISOs are grappling with the in-depth technical challenges prompted by mass remote working and increased security threats. Unless these efforts go hand-in-hand with timely and effective action, communication and coordination from the top, organizations will find it far more difficult to steer a successful course through the crisis.

Some key takeaways from this webinar:

  • Act fast, recognize mistakes and take immediate corrective actions. Avoid a blaming culture.  
  • Psychological safety is a key driver in high performing teams. 
  • Start your business scenario planning immediately and plan for a new normal. 
  • Think twice before making changes in your IT infrastructure for short term remedy. 
  • Continue investing into your people and company-wide communications for clarity.  
  • Do not overlook and cut corners when it comes to your cyber security measures despite financial pressure.

Once again, effective leadership is critical in times of crises. It is important for organizations to continue innovating in new ways of working in order to say afloat during trying times.

Watch the recording of our webinar with Chief Executive Officer, Samu Konttinen.  


Watch the webinar
F-Secure Global

17.04.20 2 min. read


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