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How do you predict the threat landscape?

Emma Paajanen

12.12.16 2 min. read

What are the top three behaviors that impact us? What do future attacks look like? How to prepare for them? Where to invest next? To answer these and many other questions, organizations need to develop predictive capabilities.

In cyber security, it is vital to understand the risks your organization is facing, know your attack surface, and uncover your weak spots. A predictive approach to cyber threats includes two elements:

  1. Asset and vulnerability management – understanding the current state of your systems
  2. Actionable threat intelligence – proactively anticipating new attacks


Businesses have to allocate limited resources to provide the best possible defense against the most probable threats. The foundation is to know your own systems very well and fix vulnerabilities before they are exploited. In addition, prioritization requires threat intelligence: information that has been analyzed and evaluated to be valid, relevant and timely for your organization, and implemented on strategic, tactical, and technical levels at an organization. Threat intelligence should feed into all aspects of an organization’s security posture, as even actionable intelligence is only worth it with processes in place to effectively act on it.

In this webinar, Janne Pirttilahti, Director, New Services from F-Secure Cyber Security Services, will explain essential predictive measures, how to acquire evidence-based knowledge about existing or emerging adversaries and threats, and how to turn that insight into actions to better protect your organization. During the presentation, Janne also goes through multiple real life cases that illustrate the value of a predictive approach to cyber security.

If you have questions on any topics presented in the webinar, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Enjoy the webinar!

Download the Threat landscape webinar  or learn more at our SlideShare page.


Emma Paajanen

12.12.16 2 min. read


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