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Webinar: What to do in the midst of an attack

Noora Hyvärinen

28.03.20 1 min. read


Join us at our upcoming webinar on what to do in the midst of an attack.

Incident Response (IR) is as important as ever. Adjusting your cyber strategy to account for incidents is one of the wisest and smartest things an organization can do.

Matt Lawrence, F-Secure’s Director of Detection and Response, will be presenting IR war stories: under attack – containment at scale when it matters. Expect to leave with a clearer picture of the steps that should be taken when your organization experiences compromise.

Matt is responsible for F-Secure’s global IR capability, and has handled many major incidents in his time, coming face-to-face with APTs in the wild.

Join us for our webinar with Matt Lawrence, F-Secure Director of Detection and Response at 3 pm to 4 pm GMT+1 / BST on the 31st March.

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Noora Hyvärinen

28.03.20 1 min. read


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