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Unless you work in IT, you’ve probably have never thought about cyber security as much as you have in the last year.

Every government, company, and organization you trust with your data is likely under constant attack by hackers, leading one unprecedented breach after another. And whether you’re online at work or at home or on your phone, you’re always potentially a target. Out private data is worth billions to the “free services” we enjoy and the exponential growth ransomware means cyber crime has never been so profitable.

At F-Secure, we spend every day thinking about making the world a little safer and making our award-winning best protection even better. In the old days, like half a decade ago, a new version of Internet Security used to be rolled about each fall with a bit of the fanfare of a new-model-year car. Now our premier consumer product F-Secure TOTAL — which combines the best of both security and privacy protection with F-Secure SAFE and F-Secure FREEDOME VPN — is updated on a constant basis. But we do roll out new features as the new year approaches.

So what’s new in F-Secure TOTAL for 2017?

In addition to giving our SAFE menus a facelift to make them even more, we’ve made major improvements to our PC protection by upgrading DeepGuard 6, which blocked the WannaCry threat for our corporate customers. Our next-generation cloud-based antivirus architecture has been updated to respond even better to the growing ransomware threat, which spreads via unwanted files being run on your computer.

It’s also now easier to manage quarantined, blocked and excluded apps and files. And potentially unwanted applications, which could trigger a ransomware attack are automatically blocked, allowing you to decide if you want them to be run or not.

Our Banking Protection is now more visible so you know for sure that your most important financial data is secure during your transactions. It’s now easier to start protecting add protection to a new device on up to 3, 5 or 7 devices depending on the TOTAL option you choose without having to enter a license key on every device. And our Family Rules update helps you set and maintain healthy boundaries online based on your child’s age wherever they or you are, the way you do in real life.

Over the past year a study of 283 VPNs by Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization specifically called out FREEDOME VPN as one of the only products on the market that actually encrypts the way it promises to.

FREEDOME also blocks ads and tracking while allowing you to get a peak into the underbelly of web tracking with our Tracker Mapper feature that has been updated to give you an even clearer read on various ways your web browsing is being monitored.

Our job is to stay ahead of anyone who’d attempt to your data against you. These advances help meet that goal and we’re already working on more for next year.



Jason Sattler

06.06.18 3 min. read


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