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Who Are You? Who? Who?


Safe and Savvy is all grown up!

We’ve been writing about online security and privacy now for more than six years, publishing nearly 700 posts. In blog years, we’re basically ancient. So we’re ready for an makeover.

We want to get better, smarter and more useful — and we’d appreciate your help.



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29 comments on Who Are You? Who? Who?
  1. Safe& Savvy is not new to me. F-Secure became known to me when I first heard Mikko Hypponen talk about F-secure discovering spyware embedded in all Sony CDs. I thought, if a company can find problems this deep, they must be good. This was way back around 2008.

  2. Ferg says:

    2015, early in the year, I think. I’ve been a long time reader of “News from the Lab”.

  3. Jonas says:

    New for me, 2016. Came here now via your twitter-feed.

  4. janli says:


  5. Long time user of F-Secure products, and I strongly recommend them to friends and family! Superb.

  6. uygur yigit says:

    2016 @ twitter

  7. uygurr says:

    2016 via twitter post.

  8. Cuckoo's Egg. says:

    While I have only discovered FSecure 2 months ago after seeing Mikko’s TED Talk, I’m addicted already.

  9. Senad Hadzic says:

    Hello, I’ve been following your blog for quite a while and if there’s one thing I would love to change, its – MOAR posts!

  10. Antero says:

    Early 2016. The company’s LinkedIn page often linked to this blog.

  11. nova says:

    In 2012 I discovered F-Secure as antivirus software.

  12. mieszko says:

    I discovered F-Secure products about 2 years ago.

  13. Mariia says:

    2014 after SLUSH conference and Mikko’s talk there. Inspired for life 🙂 Working in the field now.

  14. Aleksandar Gonovski says:

    I discovered in early 2016…I am former customer of F-Secure and this is a good chance to win one licence and get back to this security solution…Good luck to everyone

  15. totes eichhorn says:

    Used F-Secure products already way back, to remove my first virus ( ” Yankee Doodle”). Safe and Savvy is a blog I irregularily follow since early 2014.

  16. Geroge says:

    I have used F-Secure software on all my computers and mobile devices for the last three years.

  17. TR says:

    Maybe 2014. I follow F-Secure in Google+ and was a Linux user of Younited.

  18. Lezgi says:

    Not sure, I think somewhere around 2014

  19. Harri Piironen says:


  20. BonaVox says:


  21. Zoff says:

    I have heard of F-Secure recently. I am interested in using this software.

  22. Titus Pullo says:

    In 2014.

  23. Toni Rantala says:

    For me it was 2013 or 2014, all this time there has been really and interesting nice articles.

  24. Maryloo says:

    One year ago.

  25. Robert Klarmann says:


    how will you pick the winners – you did not ask for an email address in your poll?

    Best regards

  26. Markku says:

    i would say year 2000 or so when i used f-secure antivirus for the first time.

  27. Jason says:

    Hi, we have the contact information through WordPress.

  28. Robert Klarmann says:

    boah … I know F-Secure a very long time … startet with F-Prot / Data Fellows and used generations from F-Secure up to the very recent version

  29. alberto says:

    I just installed F-Secure antivirus. Thanks

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