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Why are human analysts essential in detecting cyber attacks?

Noora Hyvärinen

16.02.18 2 min. read

Prevention is the basic requirement in cyber security. Unfortunately, in today’s complex environment it is just not enough. If an attacker wants to hack a company, they almost always succeed. That’s why detection and response are getting more and more important for companies of all sizes.


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From Malware to Social Engineering – Transformation of the Threat Landscape


Majority of attacks are such that technically nothing gets hacked. Most attacks begin with some form of phishing or social engineering. Fileless malware is more and more prevalent. So how could software alone detect attacks like this?


It Takes a Combination of Man and Machine


The massive amount of data events and the difficulty of detecting real attacks from the mass require a special approach. Only a combination of man and machine can help catch the real threats out there. “The machine”, smart software and machine learning, filter out the obvious cases. “The man”, human experts, analyze the anomalies and take action.


rapid detection center, data events, real attacks

A real world example of the amount of data events in one month. Astounding, right?


Rapid Detection Center is watching your back 24/7


F-Secure Rapid Detection Center is our special unit that works 24/7/365 watching your back. Whenever an alert is triggered, our analysts start their work. In critical cases, they contact the customer even in the middle of the night. Leszek Tasiemski, Vice President, Rapid Detection Center of F-Secure says:


It’s very hard to recognize a “real” attack. We never know. It may be a hacker, but it may also be a drill, admin having fun testing new tools or simply an unusual way of maintaining the IT infrastructure. This is exactly why we so strongly believe in our security experts, RDC analysts. [.] Their task is to analyze each and every alert generated by the system and judge basing on the experience but also very much on the specifics of the given organization if such alarm is something real or just a noise.


Watch the video about the amazing work of the analysts at our Rapid Detection Center:


Interested in having this crew backing up your business?


Contact us to have a chat about our detection and response solutions.

Noora Hyvärinen

16.02.18 2 min. read


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