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You can now use FREEDOME VPN on ChromeOS devices

Sandra Proske

02.04.19 1 min. read

Before we get to some news about F-Secure FREEDOME VPN on ChromeOS, here’s a quick reminder from Kim Komando of 5 reasons why you should be using a VPN now:

1. Hiding your IP address
2. Changing your location
3. Encrypting your traffic
4. Protecting yourself on public Wi-Fi
5. Surfing the web safely and privately

There are so many reasons to use a VPN that one of the few reasonable excuses we hear for not using one is “There isn’t one I like for my device platform.”

Whenever our FREEDOME team hears this complaint, they do their best to fix the situation.

FREEDOME on your ChromeOS devices

Now, we have some good news.

While F-Secure FREEDOME is not officially supporting ChromeOS, you can now use FREEDOME on ChromeOS devices that support Android apps. Full ChromeOS support for Android apps is still in development, so we will continue to see functionality improve as Google moves toward officiall support.

That means you can use FREEDOME for all the reasons above on your ChromeOS device now as Google continues to perfect the implementation.

Here’s what FREEDOME looks like on ChromeOS

Try it out and let us know

This upgrade is now available for anyone who currently uses FREEDOME on an Android. You can buy the license pack of your choice online (3, 5 or 7 devices) and use one of them on your compatible ChromeOS device and then protect the rest of your devices, too — Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android.

We’re excited to hear how FREEDOME on ChromeOS is working out for you as we continue to work on improving your experience on every platform. Let us know what you think by tweeting us at @FreedomeVPN.​

Sandra Proske

02.04.19 1 min. read


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