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Your Questions On F-Secure SENSE, Answered

Grace Roberts

15.09.17 3 min. read

Since the time that we launched F-Secure SENSE, our security router for your connected home, it has remained important to us that we keep in touch with our user community about the specifics of the product. SENSE is, after all, one of the first routers designed to protect IoT devices, and it may take a bit of digging to wrap one’s head around everything that SENSE is capable of.

Our answer to answering our community’s questions about SENSE was to create a straightforward FAQ video series on YouTube, which we’ve appropriately named #AskSENSE. We’ve answered a diverse collection of questions related to SENSE through this series, so we wanted to round them up in a single blog post for our readers to browse through.

Of course, if you’d like to check out the entire #AskSENSE playlist, you can do so on our YouTube channel. Without further ado, here are our top #AskSENSE video picks:

  1. How To Start Using F-Secure SENSE?


Setting up SENSE is easier than you think. You first need to install the SENSE app on your smartphone or tablet (choose between the Android & iOS versions of the app). The app guides you through the initial setup, during which you connect the SENSE router to your existing home router and create a new secure Wi-Fi network. Once you’ve got the SENSE network up and running, you can move all your connected devices to your SENSE network just as you would be joining any other Wi-Fi network.

  1. Does F-Secure SENSE Respect Your Privacy?


It’s important that SENSE ensures that users don’t browse on unsafe websites while, at the same time, it manages to respect users’ privacy. In this video, Tuomas explains how SENSE’s technology makes both of these things possible.

  1. How Does F-Secure SENSE Protect IoT Devices?


It simply isn’t possible to install traditional antivirus software on every single gadget in one’s connected home. In order to combat this issue, we’ve equipped SENSE with a powerful IoT device protection feature. In this video, we tell you which IoT security features SENSE has included in its launch. (Note that these features will continue to expand as the product team works tirelessly to roll out new, exciting releases of the product!)

  1. Does F-Secure SENSE Slow Down Your Surfing Speed?


It’s crucial to have a router that allows you to enjoy various online activities, such as playing online games or watching video streams, with ease. Listen in as Anni explains the various ways to maximize F-Secure SENSE’s routing capacity in your connected home. For further information, please read our related community article.

  1. Does F-Secure SENSE Include Antivirus Software?


In addition to providing you with a powerful security router and easy-to-use app, F-Secure SENSE also includes a one-year subscription of our award-winning antivirus protection to keep each of your devices secure.

Do you have a question about F-Secure SENSE? Tweet it to us using the hashtag #AskSENSE, and we’ll do our best to answer it in a video. Additionally, remember to follow our updates about SENSE on Twitter.

Grace Roberts

15.09.17 3 min. read


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