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F-Secure rises to 3rd Most Attractive Company for IT Students

Jason Sattler

27.05.21 2 min. read

When it comes to appealing to students studying information security in Finland, F-Secure now only trails Microsoft and Google.

Universum surveyed more than 14,000 students to find out what they’re looking for in a job and which companies they perceive to be their ideal employer. Since 2016, F-Secure has finished fourth in the annual survey of IT students. Now students only place it behind two of the world’s biggest technology brands.

“Obviously, we’re always aiming for first place, yet we’re thrilled to be rising in the minds of the brightest talent joining our industry,” said Asko Kauppinen, F-Secure’s Global Head of Talent Management. “We’re hopefully coming out of a tough time and that students see us as way they can make a difference is a tribute to F-Secure fellows around the world.”

The changing workplace changes faster

The pandemic that rocked much of the globe over the last two years changed almost everything, including the way a lot of people think about the word antivirus, what F-Secure was known for before branching out into all aspects of cyber security.

It also changed the way many people work. A survey conducted in March of 2020 found that nearly nine out ten businesses either encouraged or required employees to work remotely in response to the Coronavirus. F-Secure was among these companies, and for fellows used to collaborating with colleagues in other continents, the transition was smooth.

The company carried on and—building on more than 30 years of experience securing companies and customers—helped organizations and families around the world protect the devices, networks, and connections that make it possible to rely upon virtualized work environments.

“Society’s digital infrastructure and the people who protect have been so crucial as countries around the world have dealt with this virus,” Asko said. “Perhaps, that’s part of what made F-Secure even more attractive to students this year. Keeping the world functioning is a great way to spend your work days, and you can join the cause whether you want to focus on everything from technology to marketing to customer support.”

Working with the best

F-Secure has picked up other recognitions over the past year, including winning both Best Protection and Best Performance awards from AV-Test. The company also launched the first cloud-based cyber security services platform. Our marketers have been recognized for their innovative partnerships. And consultants around the world continue to secure everything from leading financial institutions to airplanes.

“If doing good work that’s recognized around the globe is attractive to you, F-Secure should be your ideal employer,” Asko said.

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Jason Sattler

27.05.21 2 min. read


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