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F-Secure’s people, technologies help earn best protection accolades

Adam Pilkey

21.02.19 3 min. read

People and technology work hand-in-glove in security. F-Secure’s leveraged strengths in these areas to deliver consistent, world-class protection for many years. And winning two of this year’s AV-TEST Best Protection awards proves just how effective the approach is.

F-Secure Protection Service for Business Computer Protection received top marks in the corporate security category, while F-Secure SAFE did the same in consumer security.

“F-Secure SAFE and PSB Computer Protection products provided the highest level of security services throughout 2018, which AV-TEST recognized with its Best Protection 2018 award,” says AV-TEST CTO Maik Morgenstern.

It’s not the first time F-Secure’s earned Best Protection accolades from AV-TEST. That was back in 2011. It was the awards’ inaugural year, and F-Secure Client Security won the Best Protection trophy for corporate products. This year marks our sixth and seventh wins in the award’s 8-year history. It’s evidence that F-Secure’s endpoint protection consistently ranks among the industry’s best.

F-Secure Best Protection

F-Secure’s collection of Best Protection Awards is growing steadily.

Delivering the best protection day after day, week after week, month after month, isn’t easy. And keeping that up for years is even more difficult.

F-Secure’s Christine Bejerasco, Director of Desktop Security for Consumer R&D, admits that it’s a challenge. But she says it’s one that F-Secure’s client/backend engineers and threat researchers are more than ready to meet.

“The pressure is always on when a company has consistently won an award. But even amidst the pressure, engineers and researchers continue to be uncompromising in ensuring that our products are able to handle the latest threats. It’s a sight to behold.”

In other words, we’re not one-hit wonders. So what are we doing right?

“We wouldn’t have won this recognition from AV-TEST seven times without our consistent investments in hiring the best people and building the best protection technologies, which are of a consistently high standard. Day in, day out, year in, year out,” says F-Secure Chief Technology Officer Mika Stahlberg.

A day at F-Secure Labs looks something like this: 7 billion events, 6 billion online reputation queries, 1 million suspicious URLs, 500 000 samples to analyze, and about 10 000 new pieces of malware.

In the face of such an overwhelming amount of potential threats, experts can’t keep up without having right tools.

But it’s not that simple. F-Secure’s Paolo Palumbo says that even the best tools are ineffective unless the right people are using them. Besides his role as a Director and Protection Strategist at F-Secure Labs, he’s the Head Lecturer of Aalto University’s Reverse Engineering for Malware Analysis course. He says malware analysis helps encourage students to become critical thinkers, which in turn, makes them better analysts.

“We are thrilled to work with universities to provide top notch cyber security education. It’s an opportunity for us to emphasize to students the important role people play in this industry. Analyzing malware is a complex craft that benefits tremendously from critical thinking, and it’s important students interested in this field understand the value that expertise can have both professionally and personally.”

You can read more about what AV-TEST has to say about F-Secure’s products here.

Adam Pilkey

21.02.19 3 min. read

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