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Why we’re bringing the best cyber security minds to Helsinki

Jason Sattler

05.01.16 2 min. read

From launching the first anti-virus weblog on the internet to exposing 7 years of Russian-backed cyber espionage, F-Secure Labs has been at the forefront of cyber security for more than 25 years.

This year, we’re developing a new Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) solution to help detect, analyze and disarm attackers. And we have several openings that require professionals who have already proven they have the skills to innovate remarkable new solutions.

We’d be lying to say that the competition for the world’s best security talent has never been fiercer. A new Cisco report finds that there will be one million job openings in the industry just this year and demand for top talent will only increase over the next few years.

To reach out to those in search of a challenge that matters, we’ve decided to try a new approach — a meet-up in Helsinki.

“F-Secure fellows frequently participate many meet-ups, and we host meet-ups in our premises,” Sami Lappeteläinen, Senior Manager of Engineering Productivity told me.

These casual but inspiring opportunities offer a chance to trade ideas and make new connections in our neural and professional networks.

“The next meet-up we’re are hosting is on Advanced Persistent Threats with two main speakers plus some lighting talks,” Sami said. “Frode Hommedal will give a speech on Incident Response: Taking CSIRT modeling to the next level. F-Secure’s Artturi Lehtiö will give us peek behind the curtains of Dukes, the Russian-backed organized cyber espionage group.”

But what’s unusual about this meet-up is that we’d like to give you a chance to be there, wherever you happen to be right now.

“Unfortunately due to limited space we are not able to provide possibility for everyone to participate,” Sami said. “Convince us why you really want to come. If you need help in reimbursing of travel costs, we are flying in couple of carefully chosen candidates.”

To be considered, please send an email to sami.lappetelainen at

We’d love to see you in Helsinki.

Jason Sattler

05.01.16 2 min. read


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