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How to approach cyber security in the e-Enabled aircraft

Jason Sattler

04.03.19 2 min. read

Modern e-Enabled aircraft are complex and highly connected systems.

At Aerospace Technology Week in Munich on March 12-13, Benjamin Nagel, Aviation Security Engineering Consultant at F-Secure Cyber Security Services, will make the case that traditional cyber security expertise alone is not enough to secure the systems on today’s e-Enabled aircraft.

The experts that aviation needs

To cover the most critical assets of any aviation company on the ground and in the air, a special breed of cyber security experts with deep aviation knowledge is required.

A solid understanding of the aviation-specific technologies, processes, regulations and standards is necessary. But only aviation cyber security experts with multidisciplinary knowledge can properly facilitate communication between aviation operators and IT personnel.

Building on safety

OEMs, manufacturers, and aviation agencies have a solid safety culture. This is clear when we reflect on how airplanes are designed, built and maintained. While safety has been a concern for generations, security, especially cyber security, is a far newer concern.

Safety is not a continuous process but cyber security demands a holistic approach.

Modern airplanes and technologies, as well as upgraded legacy ones, constantly introduce new systems and concepts. These upgrades can threaten safety in ways OEMs or agencies cannot foresee.

That’s where aviation cyber security experts come in. These pros help operators to take responsibility for the security installation and operation of their systems.

Meet the pro

Benjamin Nagel has been participating in and running Technical and Security Management projects according to EUROCAE AISS standards around the globe for F-Secure for more than two years.

Before that, he worked on completed his Mater Thesis on “Securing Data Loading Interfaces of Legacy Aircraft” while working with Airbus Defence and Space. The thesis lad overview of the security domains within commercial aircraft and provided a threat model of legacy systems.

He’s a participant in the EUROCAE Working Group-72 on Aeronautical Information Systems Security.

Jason Sattler

04.03.19 2 min. read

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