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Artificial intelligence is both wonderful and terrifying.

On the one hand, artificial intelligence (AI) is the key to advancing technology far beyond our current capabilities. Its ability to analyze large amounts of data, autonomously evolve to meet dynamic challenges, and surpass the limitations of the human mind, present tremendous possibilities for the future.

But there are also downsides. AIs potential for making jobs redundant is a huge economic challenge. AI typically requires huge amounts of data to work, increasing the appeal of surveillance technologies. And Hollywood has spent decades convincing us that AI will violently rise up and eradicate or enslave humanity, which is undoubtedly responsible for at least some sleepless nights.

Some of these concerns have merit. Others are blown wildly, albeit entertainingly, out of proportion. But AIs influence is inescapable. It already plays an important role in protecting nations, organizations, and even individuals. And with AI capabilities now becoming increasingly accessible to cyber criminals and adversaries, F-Secure will strive to ensure it becomes a tool to build trust rather than undermine it.

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